Year One!

This Saturday was my first “blogiversary” so today’s post celebrates everything CP&B and will set some goals for the upcoming year. Sometimes I can’t even believe that I’ve been documenting the minutia in my life for a year now, but I am really enjoying it, its forcing me to become quite the Susie Homemaker, which I am sure David appreciates, and forces me to do and see new things, because I feel like I cant write the same posts over and over again!

So, here is the year in review! I have had a lot of awesome life changes since I started this blog on 11/10/11 ( I know I was a day shy of staring on 11/11/11, shame on me for not grasping the opportunity). Since last November I have graduated from Clemson, Moved to Charlotte and created my first “big girl” place, and got engaged!!!!! And it seems like next year will be just as busy and I can’t wait to share it with you! First of all I just want to thank all of you for reading my blog, because, honestly if I didn’t think people were reading I’d probably stop posting, haha, sometimes I feel like this blog things is a second job, but I love it! So, whats been going on in the land o’blogging since last November? Well, Im glad you asked.

This is a little chart documenting my readership levels in three month increments, and I am happy to say that November this year has been my busiest month to date and its just getting started! I  can’t wait to see how this changes over the coming year, hopefully I can sustain peoples interest for another year!

For the year I have had just over 10,200 views! I can’t even wrap my head around that! I mean I am sure a lot of the are the people who read my blog everyday, but still 10,000 is a huge number! I guess Im just flattered that people find me to be that interesting haha! I guess I’ll try to keep up the comedy and the info flow for next year! Hopefully I can bring you guys lots of new and interesting project, recipes and life adventures in my posts!

Speaking of posts, this year I have posted 221 different posts, under a bajillion different tags, most inspired by my obsession with pinterest, or my need to feed myself delicious foods! haha And of course my desire to keep you all entertained. Although, sidenote about prepping for my posts, I have found that my obsessive picture taking has become somewhat of a joke, or an annoyance for David, as he always says “Do you have to take pictures of everything?!” but in a year I have ALMOST broken him of asking, soooo heres to hoping that completely goes away in the next year!

The posts are comprised of over 75 different recipes! I cant even believe that 3 or 4 years ago you couldnt even pay me to try to cook dinner for someone and now, I have tried over 75 different kitchen concoctions this year! Crazy, I hope you guys have been trying them, I dont make things that don’t sound delicious, and if I make it and its not good, I dont really post it! So, all my recipes are Kristin and David test and approved! Speaking of recipes David has so kindly volunteered us to cook Thanksgiving dinner for his family (ahh!) so stay tuned for those adventures and recipes, by the way if you wan an over view of all the recipes on my blog check out the “Kitchen Time” tab underneath the blog header, where you can search by type of  recipe, dinner, appetizers, breakfast, desert, etc! So check it out if your on the hunt for something new to try!

Not up to hittin the kitchen? well, you can check out over 30 different craft projects that I’ve tried this year, all with tutorials you can find on my craft time page! I have some Christmas crafts from my current series “the 12 crafts of Christmas”, crafts and upcycles from setting up my new place in Charlotte, and just things I wanted to do for fun! Next year David and I will get our first place together so get ready for even more home decor and DIY posts because we’re planning to decorate this place on a budget (or at least I am!) Don’t wanna be house poor!

And, of course a snap shot of some more big moments for the blog, the busiest day was August 14 and I am thinking this has a LITTLE bit to do with me posting about my engagement! haha! So needless to say readership that day went through the roof, but I cant complain! I rather enjoyed all the likes and comment notifications that came streaming into my inbox that day, woot!

Also, I have been feeling the love this year with you guys leaving me over 100 comments on a variety of different posts! A definite goal of mine for this year is to up my audience involvement in my blog so making recipes or crafts on recommendations from you guys, or maybe taking suggestions for topics to tackle, nothing too serious, because Im NOT really a serious person, in case you havent figured it out yet. I mean I spent our entire engagement picture session laughing, which I think annoyed David and the photographer, but I can’t take myself seriously, so this doesn’t bode well for the wedding day!

Apart from all the stats, the blog also endured a big redesign about half way through the year, ya know about the time I was having my big quarterfoil obsession, oops! But I have to say I like the new layout and style a lot more, and Im thinking I will stick with it for a while! So, its be an awesome first year, and I couldn’t have done it without all of you guys! Thanks for the comments, love, and support, and I look forward to many more posts to come!


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