Fall Closet Revamp!

If you’re anything like me, all summer you can’t wait until fall because you just have the greatest fall clothes ever, and then all winter you can’t with for summer  because you summer clothes are just far superior to the rest of your wardrobe. Never a dull moment when picking out clothes in my closet. So I decided to do a little research on the hottest colors for this fall to see if I could drag some of my summer favorites into my fall and winter wear, so I can get the best of both worlds year round. I decided I should share my findings with you and then maybe you too can reinvent your wardrobe while spending minimal amounts of money, which is always awesome! I guess the easiest place to start is always with your neutrals, so here are some of the best neutral shades for cold weather this year!

Pretty simple right? and all these colors make great base pieces AND they are warmer than just a black or a white, which I know I am really guilty of using as a fall back for a shirt under a cardigan or something like that, although I guess I have been really into grey lately as well.

I like to ease myself into color sometimes, especially if its something I don’t normally wear, aka YELLOWS! So I thought this was a good color palette to move to next, its closer to the neutrals, but still gets you into some of those warm tones. I tend to wear more of the pink shades, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t currently on the hunt for the perfect pair of mustard tights to wear with my boots! Ya know, gotta get some more color in my winter wardrobe!

Another direction to move slightly away from the neutrals is into the lighter “cool shades” so blues and purples, which tend to be more my shade! I have been really into navy this year (which i hope continues, because my wedding is… really navy!) I also really love the grey shade of the moody blue, I tend to steer away from the cobalts, just because they are so bright, but I do have some nice summer pieces that are cobalt soooo I was happy to see that it could translate into some great fall pieces!

Now onto some of those more primary shades, these are the bold warm colors that are suppose to be all the rage this fall. Because of my love of Clemson I obviously have the orange covered, but strangely enough I prefer to wear more of the aged cabernet shade, it just looks better on my skin tone and with my hair. I also think this one goes great with carnation and ivory, and my brown boots! haha, mostly I like all of these colors because they just look like the fall leaves, but red has never really been my cup of tea, but Im trying to work on it, ya know in my attempts to be fashion forward.


Finally, this portion of the color palette is great! I love the cool colors, but the bright pops of pink and purple kind of add a new level of awesome to that typical fall color palette, (ya know, reds, oranges, greens, and browns!) I do love a good surprise. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to revamp your wardrobe and be fashion forward and colorful this fall!

3 thoughts on “Fall Closet Revamp!

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