12 Crafts of Christmas- Advent Calendar

I thought since December 1st is next weekend, now is a good a time as ever to post the advent calendar I made, that way, if you feel so inclined you have time to get one together to use for your kiddos this year! This whole project cost me about $14, including buying new scissors, and wrapping paper, and tape, so it is what I like to call a steal. I am pretty sure the wrapping paper cost more than all the other supplies for the project, so my bad on not having that already! I do have wrapping paper for my christmas presents but its kraft paper, soooo it didnt really go with this project! anywho, you can wipe out this project in about 3 hours, once you have all your supplies, so heres a pictures of what you’re striving for, and how to make it!

– 25 small match boxes
– white curling ribbon
– marker
– wrapping paper
– tape
– scissors

First you need to empty all the matches out of the boxes, unless you are a bad parent and plan to give your child matches for advent, which is less than advised. So, once you remove them all, you will have a ton of matches, so I suggest putting them in a mason jar, for safe keeping!

and I saw a little tip on pinterst where you can cover the top in sand paper and then you still have a way to light the matches that is convenient to the matches themselves! Awesome! Once you have all the matches removed, you want to take the inside little “drawer” out so that you only have the sleeve left!

Then you want to wrap just the sleeve with the wrapping paper, I made sure one side lined up perfectly with the edge of the paper and then the other side had the paper wrapped inside the sleeve. So, when you side the drawer back in, you want to do that on top of the side with the folded in edge, so that it doesn’t rip the paper, so when you finish one of them it should look like this:

Then you want to wrap all the boxes in the same way, and replace all the little drawers inside them, it seems tedious but its really not that bad, I cut all the little pieces of paper I would need first, so I didnt have to keep stopping and cutting every time I was ready to wrap a box, because that really slows the progress!

Once I got them all wrapped up, David and I played leggos, trying to find the best way to stack them up and get the best tree shape, at first it was kind of short and stout but we finally settled on truning the boxes on their sides, despite my desire to do so because the drawers would not hold their contents as easily, and we did our rows, 6-5-4-3-2-1 and then two rows of two on the bottom, stacked long ways for the base.
Once we decided on a design I started attaching the boxes. I just hot glued them together, making sure that the seam sides were all on the inside so I had clean edges!

Once I got the rows glued together, I attached a ribbon around the center of them so they would look like perfectly wrapped christmas packages! I doubled up my ribbon to make it a little more pronounced.

Once I had all the rows glued together, I started stacking them and attaching them together, again with hot glue, the magic fix all for crafting! On the very top package I added a bow with some cute little curly-ques to make it look more like a christmas package.

Once everything was put together, I added the numbers to the fronts of the drawers so you know which ones to open on which day. I saw some online that used pushpins as little drawer pulls, so you can add those if you like, but I felt like they were kind of disproportionate, so I chose to pass up on that activity!

So, all you have to do is fill it with candy, or treats, or fun christmas messages, or activites you guys can do together, OR as David so kindly pointed out, it is a great vessel to hold dollar bills and coins, since the drawers are so small! haha, but I think it works fine, you can fit tootsie rolls, mints, jolly ranchers, all kinds of small candies inside! So fill er up and enjoy!


3 thoughts on “12 Crafts of Christmas- Advent Calendar

  1. My mother used to make us one each year. Such a fun experience, definitely something I am going to continue, thanks for the idea. 🙂

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