Movement Mondays – The Waltz of the Snowflakes

WOO HOOOO! Its Christmas season, which means I can now confess my insane love for The Nutcracker! Its one of my favorite Christmas things. Whenever I was younger my grandma use to take me every christmas to see it. I think I partially blame The Nutcracker for my obsession with dance. I always loved how effortlessly the ballerinas seemed to flutter across the stage, and as I got older I loved the precision with which the chorus dancers were able to perform this beautiful choreography “a la heard” as my dance teacher use to call it, aka in a huge massive group all dancing on top of each other! The Waltz of the snowflakes was always one of my favorite numbers, its was that transition period between the strange little beginning sequence and the magical land in the second half of the ballet, and what child doesn’t love the magical snow fall at the end of number. Its always sooooo awesome! So, enjoy my first week of the month long nod to one of my favorite Christmas traditions! Here is The Royal ballet’s rendition of the Waltz of the snowflakes!


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