Deck the Halls!

Confession: I put my Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving. But in my defense, we were out of town for the Holiday and I will be out of town for the next two weekends, and I dont see the point in putting all this stuff up if you dont have time to enjoy it! I decided I wanted to do a less traditional tree. I mean it has all the traditional elements, its not anything weird, but I wanted to go with a color scheme that would match my apartment a little better, so I ended up using golds, browns, bronzes, and mercury glass ornaments! I am pretty pleased with the way it turned out, I even made a fun little tree topper with a bow and lots of other… tree topper… things! So, since I spent lots of time collecting the perfect ornaments and making my tree skirt, etc, I wanted to show you guys the finished product!

While decorating was fun and easy in my small little apartment I did miss the insanity of decorating at home with my parents we put up like 6 trees, a huge snow village, basically our house converts to a winter wonderland in about 36-48 hours. Its kind of insane! Just ask anyone who has ever helped us do it! But, even though I use to pitch a fit every Friday after Thanksgiving, I was always SO glad when we got everything up because it was so pretty! I can’t wait to go home this weekend because my parents already decorated so now I just get to enjoy it! Maybe I will take a few pictures and share them with you guys its KIND of unreal! Yay Christmas! How is your decorating going? Doing anything creative with your home decor? Or do you have any decorating traditions??


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