“30 Days of Pinspiration”

If you haven’t check out the new tab on Pinterest you definitely should! Between now and January 4th Pinterest is creating something called 30 days of Pinspiration, where they will post pin boards and the inspiration for their creation for different people throughout the Holiday season!

I think its a pretty cool way to find new people to follow on Pinterest or to get some great holiday traditions to start on your own, if you’re big into pinning, or sitting in class wondering how you will make it through another exam review session, check out this page, at least its something different than the same old Pinterest perusing. Make sure your speakers are off if youre in a public place! The page will play music when you hover over the different boxes, which additionally is a fun feature to play with! So, like I said, if you need to jazz up your time on pinterest over the next 30 or so days (Yes I also wondered how they were starting now when we were WAY more than 30 days from January 4th, so they skip a few, obviously!) Happy pinning, and enjoy!

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