12 Crafts of Christmas – Decorative Chargers

I keep seeing this on Pinterest and have really been wanting to try it. So the myth says that you write on a plate with a permanent marker and then bake it in the oven at 350 for 15 minutes and that makes it permanent, which David pointed out to me was rather stupid because you are using a permanent marker. So I thought I would try it out for myself. I guess you’d want it to be super permanent incase you wanted to wash the plates and serve things on them, I’m not sure, but I made mine for decor purposes in my apartment. I am no sure if I ever shared a pictures of this when we were doing le tour de abode, but I have these colorful chargers that I have displayed on top of my kitchen shelves with lots of wine bottles and shot glasses, like every self respecting 20-something, ya know to add some color and some mature decor. So here is what it normally looks like!

So I got these plates from the dollar tree because they didnt have any chargers that I liked, and I took my permanent marker to them and did some doodling with christmas carol lyrics and some…. pretty simple graphics. I was kind of sad, because I had much bigger plans for my project, but I think these turned out ok, to be the back up project, and like I said, dollar tree plates, so I spent less than 4 dollars on this little project, AND its a great way to kind of spruce up your holiday decor before a get together or something, or to make some unique serving platters!

But, here are my plates, I made. I know they aren’t chargers, but I will post a link to the original inspiration charger on pinterest and then you can have some craft decor options!

So, like I said, just some simple graphics, and then lyrics to coordinating Christmas Carols, in the appropriate colors to match my holiday decor! Yes, I do have brown in most of my holiday decor, brow is the new gold, didn’t you know?! Once I got them all drawn and baked, I took down the old plates and replaced them with these, and viola, instant christmas decor! I havent washed them yet, but I am hoping that the baking made it permanent!

Here is the link to the original project that I saw on Pinterest, as you can tell, mine is nothing like this and I ended up going with a completely different project all together, but I still really like this one and they are somewhat related so I wanted to share it with you!


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