Hobo Pouches – A Dinner on the go!

I found these on Pinterest and thought they looked so simple and easy for a quick throw together week night dinner! And they were super easy and not too heavy so I didn’t feel like I ate a lot even though I ate a pretty generous amount of food. Yay for veggies! This one is probably more for the summer and the blog it came from recommended cooking it on a grill or an open fire, but again we don’t have such luxuries at our apartment complexes…. and its a little chilly these days so we weren’t feeling it! But, if you go camping or hiking or anything and need a quick fix, easy to carry dinner, this is for you, so take note!



  • broccoli
  • onions
  • baby red potatoes
  • kielbasa
  • olive oil
  • garlic
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil


After you prep all the veggies, divide them into serving size piles, and you will cook them in individual pouches. We ended up making about 6 different pouches so we could have left overs for the rest of the week…. and because David was a little over zealous at the grocery store. Oops! So sonce you haven them sorted out, place one serving into the center of a sheet of aluminum foil!

Then sprinkle pack with olive oil and sprinkle some minced garlic on top. Once you have it all ready its time to create your little packets.

Just fold the two shorter sides in and then tak the longer sides and roll them down to give it a good seal. Then make the rest of your pouches.

Once you have them all assembled. place then in the oven at 375-400 for 45 minutes to and hour. Do not check on them or open them, that way all the flavors cook in to each other.

Once they are finished, unwrap them and serve hot! So easy, right!

The best thing about this meal was that it was no fuss, no mess, and when we were done we threw away all the aluminum foil and were basically done cleaning the kitchen with the exception of tossing the knives and cutting boards into the dishwasher, which really makes it my kind of meal. I have to say I would recommend cooking it over a fire or on a grill because I think that smoky flavor would really take it to the next level. Maybe the use of some liquid smoke would be a good addition, who knows. I mean I wasn’t disappointed but I was just less impressed than I thought I would be and I think the key ingredient I was missing was the fire. And then I thought a little dollop of butter on top would have been good…. Its the Paula Deen inside me. I clearly have a problem! Anywho, like I said, great for out door excursions, camping, hiking, etc. annnnnd if you have a grill. But also super easy in the oven, and no clean up so, give it a try, especially during the holiday season when you dont have time to stand around slaving over the stove top trying to prepare dinner.





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