12 Crafts of Christmas – Tree Topper Bows


I know I already showed you my tree, but today’s craft is the “Tree Topper.” I’m not even going to pretend like I knew how to do this, I had to use a tutorial video and watch it like 5 or 6 times, so I am going to share that video with you today, but I think this is a pretty good skill to have considering its so expensive to have someone make the bow FOR you sometimes. There use to be a place in my hometown called Fatman’s, which no longer exists (I cry) and they had all kinds of christmas stuff and you could go over there to their little bow tying area and pick any ribbon you wanted and they would make your tree topper bow for your while you shopped around the store. My mom never had to ask me twice if I wanted to go there. But like I said, Fatmans is no more, and I have decided to change my tree up a little, so bow making is a must! Here is a close up of my tree topper, since you cant really see it in the picture above.


I wish I had made my bow a little bigger, but when I was tying it, it looked ginormous, then when I added all my other bling on top of the tree it looks rather small. Oh well, ya live and ya learn! So, here is the tutorial video I used to make my little tree topper bow, hopefully it works for you too. Happy Crafting!


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