Christmas Tour of Homes!

This Past weekend I went to the North Augusta Tour of Homes with my mom and some of her friends. I love creeping on others peoples homes and looking at how they have them decorated…. or how they don’t sometimes its fun to oogle all the CRAZY christmas decorations they have and other times its just more fun to gawk at the huge houses on the river, and how despite their stature they still feel so warm, cozy and inviting… and then there are the houses that just make you say “WHAT?” and not necessarily in a good way. Tragic.


The tour doesnt allow you to take photos, which is depressing, but we hit one house after hours and it was SOOO many nick nacks I just had to share it with you.  The people who owned the house work at a holiday decor store and gift shop in Augusta, so ever collectible you could think of was out and about in that house! Its almost a sensory overload, and the owner was saying it was so much work to put it up that they have started decorating as early as September and not finished un decorating until June one year. So crazy. I can’t even imagine having the time or energy to make that happen!


In the yard they had tons of the little Christmas items, my favorite was the Charlie Brown nativity! But they had Satnas, and giant lights, and ornaments, and luminaries, like I said. SO. MUCH. STUFF.


Another one of my favorites were these upside down tree tops on the porch! I thought they added such a different look to the tradtional light tree or topiary on your front stoop. It was just a new take on something old and traditional, which I am always a fan of!


Once you got inside the house there was so much to look at you had to walk through twice, at least I did!! Every inch of the house had something to look at from the spinning trees, to the mantle displays in the bedrooms, every bit was decorated. All the way down to the huge displays on the bedside tables! They even changed out the bed spreads, it was insane!


I loved it though! It just beats Christmas into you until you accept it! And I am all about an “in your face” approach to anything. Even the kitchen cupboards were all decked out in holiday decor, and the fridge had stickers and things on it to make it look like frosty!




My mom and her friends loved checking out the Christopher Radko tree, because several of them collect the ornaments! It was on a spinning tree stand AND had little ornament hangers that spun. They used this twiggy looking tree so they had more space for all the ornamets and on some branches they were stacked 4 or 5 deep. It was just amazing to look at because all those glass ornaments really glisten and they just look so perfect on any tree!

Apart from this house we saw a few other really great spaces. There was this gorgeous new house on the Savannah River with a huge porch that spanned the back of the house. Everything was maticulously planned and decorated, and Im not talking about just Christmas. The House looked like something out of a magazine, with drift wood fo-finished walls and a HUGE farmhouse table, and all the lush and comfortable colors that make you feel right at home, no matter where you are. I just wanted to kick up my feet and hang out at that house all night, I wish I could have gotten pictures of it, because it was TO. DIE. FOR. Another house was in a … kind of new community in town, called Hammonds Ferry, that has lots of Charleston style architecture, David and I love it down there. The house was a townhouse and it was super contemporary, but still that kind of country shabby look, with the old barn wood table, and these awesome rusted fixtures. Lots of grays and neutrals. It didnt even look like anyone lived there, but it was so masterfully decorated. AND it had all the best drapes I have ever seen. All the fabrics looked so intense and… expensive, whether they were or not. AND one of the bathrooms had leather wall paper (we know because someone in our group stopped to do a little smell test and make sure!) Since I wasn’t able to provide you with lots of awesome pictures of intense christmas housese, I decided I would show you my favorite Christmas house, mine! (well, my parents and the one I grew up in!)


I feel like Christmas never really starts until all the decorations are up in our house, which typically happens… the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, and when you see all the stuff my parents put up, I guess it makes more sense to have it up for a longer period of time. Now, don’t go gettting the wrong idea, we don’t go all out like the house from the tour I was telling you about, but I like to think its just enough to turn a normal house into a Christmas fantasy land… or something of the sort! Ps, don’t you love David’s fish stocking? haha it was too perfect! Lets start with the tree in the family room!


This tree is always a  favorite. It has all of our family ornaments, so things people have given Rachel (my sister) and I over the years, ornaments from family vacations, and even things we made when we were kids. Yes, we still have all of those. But its something about the combination of all of those things that make the tree so awesome. Its probably my favorite too!


In the foyer, my mom displays her huge Christmas village display. She has been collecting them since I can remember and I started my own collection a few years ago, because I just love all the little buildings and blinking lights, its like a miniature winter wonderland!

Like I said, my mom loved the radko tree on the tour of homes, because she has one of her own. Its not nearly as full and overwhelming to look at, but its getting there and every christmas we try to get her an ornament or two, and maybe she will get there one day!
RadkoTreeMy mom also has a Santa tree that sits on the landing in the foyer,  which I really love because you can see it all lit up at night through the front window and when I was little I always liked seeing all the different Santa’s all over the tree. Plus, I love a good themed tree!

Santa Tree

My sister and I are responsible for this next tree! We picked out tons of brightly colored ornaments to match the TV room upstairs where we always hung out growing up! Its just a fun tree, I still love it, even though my taste in color is much more subdued these days! It was still fun to pick everything out and it was always fun to decorate it with Rachel and watch it all come together!


I can’t wait until David and I get to Augusta to spend the holiday in my parents little house of Christmas! I love spending Christmas morning there, hanging out under the lights of the christmas tree. Its so crazy that Christmas is only 14 days away!



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