Lessons and Carols

This past weekend on top of venturing home for some R&R and holiday house creeping with my Mom, I also hurting back to Charlotte on Sunday for Lesson and Carols at Uptown Church!


Church home to our two good friends Tyler and Melissa, who both participated in the service with their overwhelming musical genius! Apparently our friend Tyler actually plays the trumpet, which we did not know, and he was rocking it out! All the music was great. And the church was so beautiful! I couldn’t get over it! It was just different from your traditional church and I loved the high ceilings which almost dwarfed the organ, instead of the organ typically over taking the room! I love old buildings!


I know this sounds terrible, but sometimes I feel like I get complacent in that traditional lessons and carols service. I always feel like I have heard the music before and the lessons are read with the same tone and inflection every year that it almost becomes like something that you memorized as a child, kind of like the pledge of Allegiance or a blessing and you just go through the motions without really realizing what is being said, done, celebrated, etc. Which, like I said is a really terrible way to feel about the season celebrating the birth of the savior and redeemer. So, I was more than relieved for the change of pace that we found at this church!


The music was still your traditional carols but they took an untraditional approach in presenting them, with a more contemporary musical style almost like a Mumford and Sons Christmas haha! I really enjoyed it and they had tons of people from the congregation participating and sharing the lessons, from older members all the way down to elementary school kids, which even though the were reading the same lessons you typically hear at these services, it seemed to be coming from so many different points of view, which is really what the depths of the Christmas story is about. Its people from all different walks of life, shepherds, wise men, and angels, coming together to celebrate the birth of Jesus and I feel like sometimes that all gets lost in translation. I really enjoyed the service and there were tons of people our age there so David and I are thinking about giving it a go sometime soon to try to find a good regular church spot. Maybe add that one to the New Years Resolutions.


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