Movement Mondays – Russian

I always look forward to the Russian sequence because I cant imagine the energy that exude in those 2 or 3 minutes of Dancing, its absolutely amazing! I also really appreciate finding a good video of this segment because of a little incident I found myself in when David took me to see The Nutcracker in Clemson one year! The WHOLE day before AND in between every dance I talked up how awesome the Russian sequence was, and how David was going to love it, and it was manly and awesome. And the music started and I was like YESSS! here it issss, and the next thing I know, all these small children with with little ribbons on sticks come running on to the stage and did a 2 minute ribbon dance. It took me the rest of the ballet to pick my jaw up off the floor, and I was disappointed I didnt get to see one of my favorite numbers. David just looked at me and said ” THAT was the best dance” to which I smiled and replied… “OBVIOUSLY not” So now, every time I get the chance I make sure to share a video of the REAL Russian number with him Maybe he will read this post today, although I think I have already shown this one to him!

This Trepak series was choreographed for the Moscow ballet by Alexander Kalinin! Enjoy!


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