Best Gifts of 2012

Some of these might be a matter of opinion, but if you’ve waited this long to get that Christmas shopping in, and you’re still looking for that “perfect gift idea” for someone, I’ll try to help you get off the struggle bus at the next stop, but I make no promises! I did try to do my research for this one, so its not just a compolation of things I think are cool, ya know all the reputable places… liiiiike Ellen’s 12 Days of Give Aways, LIVE with Kelly and Michael, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and of course, the queen of all thing giftable: Oprah! So, heres a few gift ideas for all you straggling shoppers!



Something fun for the man in your life: A Mustache Beer glass! Who doesn’t love a beer glass, but more importantly, what manly man is complete without a mustache!? None. So, he’ll probably be wanting to open these up on Christmas morning, I’d get one for David, but I think he’s pretty covered in the facial hair department!


Another great stocking stuffer or fun little extra gift for your man? Whiskey Stones! These are great if your beau or husband enjoys a nice night cap, the ice doesnt melt in the glass and dilute that drink they worked so hard to pour…… ha! So, toss a pack of these in their stocking, even better, they are reusable. just freeze them and then drop them in the drink and serve. No fuss. Perfect!



I promise I don’t spend all my time looking for awesome ways to outfit your in home bar, but I love stemless wine glasses, and personalization, so this gift is the perfect marriage of both! A great gift for a hostess to pair with that stereotypical bottle of wine you were already thinking about taking…..


Another great idea for a hostess, co-worker, or for a gift exchange with a low dollar limit is a “recipe in a jar”!  I love those! You take a jar and layer all the dry ingredients and then attach the recipe to the outside! This goes great with my love of Mason Jars! I have also seen cute ones in coffee cups with hot chocolate mix and Marshmallows in a bag inside them! These always look great and are super fun, and who doesn’t love a gift you can eat?!


Ok, this one might be on here because I always hear such rave reviews about this show, and I feel that, as a Marketing…person, I should be obsessed with it. Maybe now that Gossip Girl has come to an end (I cry) I can find something new to take up all my time. I always loved playing catch up on shows and seeing how quickly I could watch all of them. Any who, enough side chatter! This is a Mad Men Cookbook! Complete with food AND drink recipes, awesome for anyone who loves the kitchen or the show!


For your fashionable friends, a cute clutch, or fun accessory is always a good way to go, Target is always a great place to start. Especially since they just got that new Nieman Marcus collaboration line in at the beginning of the month, hope you were able to snatch it up before it was all gone! But here is someone from one of their tried and true brands, Mossimo! And I love this envelope clutch, it comes in several colors, and is best paired with your girlfriends favorite bottle of spirits, to get the Holiday celebration started!


This is more a matter of personal opinion but: I don’t care who you are, you NEED to have these awesome metallic Micahel Kors kicks, and if you don’t need them I do, and I am always accepting fun gifts! I kid, I kid, but come on you have to admit these make quite the statement!


For the college student in your life, this is perfect for dorm living and allows the ease of one-cup servings! As long as you’re nothing like me (aka a total control freak with strong coffee needs) the Keurig is still a great gift. I dont care who you are… The only problem… Those little K-cups are much harder to store than the typical coffee grounds!


For the techy in your crowd, for just this one time, I abandon my staunch commitment to mac to say that this dell is pretty cool! I am still a big proponent of my laptop, probably because I blog, and do some design work on the sides, and still use lots of regular computer programs, but I feel like my life is being over taken with tablets, and I like them! The iPad is awesome, super easy to use, I love surfing pinterest, BUT not pinning on it, playing games, browsing FB, but thats about it. Any other time I prefer my laptop, especially if I have to type anything, so this little Dell XPS Convertible Touch Ultrabook gives you the best of both worlds! But I won’t be trading in my MacBook Pro anytime soon! And when I need a tablet, I’ll just use David’s! But like I said, if you’re in the market, this is neat!

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 10.35.33 PM

If you’re looking for a great gift for her: try a watch! I got one last year and prior to that was never really a watch person, but now I am obsessed, My MK watch rarely leave my wrist, unless I’m alseep or showering! But, if you think it might be a stretch for your fashion forward lady friend, try somewhere like Target or New York and Company, they have some great and stylish watches for some pretty reasonable prices, then if  they don’t wear it every day, its not biggie! But its still such a fun accessory!


A great stocking stuffer for the ladies in your life? Essie Nail polish!!!! You really cant go wrong, its all the rage right now and they have So many colors to choose from, not sure what they like? Go with a blush or nude, they are always great fall backs, or pick something bold they might not pick for themselves, sometimes your inner fashionista just needs a little shove in the right direction!

Also, I want this.. like not even a joke! Its so awesome for blogging!!!!!! I mean imagine the things you could capture without even trying! It would be so awesome for day trips or parties, just anything really! Ever since I found this video I have been obsessed! Such a cool Idea! Even if you dont have someone you want to buy it for, you have to admit its a pretty ingenious idea! Hope you’re ready to fight the crowds at the mall and get all that last minute shopping done, I know no one wants to be reminded but its only 5 more days until Christmas! EEEEEK!







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