12 Crafts of Christmas- Gift Wrapping!

Well, this is the last installment of  the 12 Crafts of Christmas! I literally cant even believe Christmas is just a few days away, this year has flown by. Its unbelievable that this time last year I was graduating from Clemson!!! (ok, tomorrow will be a year, but I don’t blog on the weekends, so I had to get in a plug while I could!)

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 8.48.04 PM

Anywho, this post isn’t about how time flies or how weird it is to not be in school any more, etc etc. But it is about fun Christmas things, because like I said… CHRISTMAS IS SO SOON! So, Here is your final “craft of Christmas!” This isn’t really a craft, but you can definitely get crafty with your gift wrapping! And if you haven’t finished wrapping up all those christmas packages, time is definitely of the essence! I know some people are really into the traditional christmas wrapping, with the little words, or characters on them, but I like to consider the gifts under the tree to be part of your decor, pick coordinating colors, take the time to tie a nice bow, or something! Spice it up a little. and then people will be even more excited to open up whats inside! So I am sharing the simple gift wrapping that David and I did on all our gifts this year AND some other great ideas I have found on…. TA-DA… Pinterest! So, in case you need some last minute ideas, I am here to help!


I tend to be more a fan of simple wrapping paper with a little pizzaz on it! We picked up these awesome cut out ornaments at Paper source on sale a little before Thanksgiving, I also got the felt ribbon on sale at World Market during some of my black friday shopping, and then the craft paper is from Target, which really excited me because a few years ago when I used it for David’s presents I wrapped for him, we went to 2 different craft stores looking for it!

So, like I said, I really like that empty wrapping paper pallette that my paper can add to, so here are several of my favorite pinterest wrapping ideas! Some of them easier to create than others, but all super  creative and a lot more fun to look at then just that same old same old wrapping paper!


I love how classy this looks. The bow is perfect, the little leaves make a great addition to the look, and its so clean and simple you can throw it under any tree and its sure to look festive AND decorative!


This one is super creative! I love that it kind of looks like a mail package with the tag, brown tape, and stamps. Its pretty awesome. Definitely something different. I know its not for everyone, but I think its supper cute, especially for that “special santa wrapping” so it looks like it was sent directly from the north pole, you could even stamp that on top! So awesome!


Here are a few more examples of that simple gift wrapping with a little pizzaz on the top. If I had the time I would love for all my gifts to look like this under my tree, these box toppers are gorgeous. Maybe one day when I have the money to spend on the craft supplies and the time to waste, and get to a point where I won’t care if someone trashes my beautiful wrapping, then I will make little works of art on top of my gifts. But, don’t hold out for this one!


This one is cool! I can’t figure out exactly what I like about it, I just know I really like… something! I think its just because its different and the gold touches on top are fun and different. Not just your typical ribbon or burlap flower!


This one is super creative and I love that they used old christmas lights to make a box topper! Awesome way to up-cycle something you might typically throw away!

If you never really mastered the art of tying that perfect package bow, this might be great for you! These are some awesome gift wrap garlands made from pretty easy to find materials! I like the braided texture of the button one, and then I love that you can coordinate the colors with the paint swatches…. anddd those are free!

46232333646298300_ploSm7Zd_cI love stamps! This is great. Its such a change from those stickers people put on packages, or even the normal tags or something like what I used. And you could even get some other festive stamp to put on there just to give your package an extra punch. Again, I love the simplicity and… the easy-ness of making it happen!

So, if you’re rushing to get those last minute gifts wrapped, hopefully these fresh new gift wrapping ideas will have you rejuvenated and motivated to make it through the final weekend before Christmas! EEEEK!


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