Wedding Update

We havent been doing much big planning lately, just tying down any loose ends before the end of the year. Although, I feel like im always trying to tie down the loose ends these days. I had a freakout moment a few weeks ago when my to-do list started uncrossing itself and my bridesmaids dresses were discontinued. ugh. Remember these guys?


Well, they are no more. I got a call from my dress shop and for some reason I was thinking they were calling to tell me my dress had come in early… buuut they didnt they said “unfortunately you need to pick a new bridesmaids dress, yours is discontinued and they wont let us order anymore” I cry. Not really but, it was just annoying because I like to be ahead of the game and get things done. Oh well, so we headed back to the store next time I was home, and it was almost shocking how quickly we were able to pick a new one. I guess now that I have a better idea about what I am looking for and the way I want to style things, it was much easier to pick a dress that fit into all of that. We only tried on two this time around! It was easy peasy! So…. Heres where were at with that.


I like the one shoulderness and the bow on this one a lot more I think. I also really like that its more clean cut and simple, which is more my style as well! Yay for mishaps that end well! I have also been working on some craft projects, but Im only giving you a sneak peak because I don’t want to give too much away!

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 9.18.24 AM

David had so much fun helping me out with this project… NOT. haha He made up this funny little song about all the beads I was literally crying I was laughing so hard. I think sometimes he doesn’t realize how hilarious he is, which sometimes makes it even more comical. I mean look how thrilled he looks! Such a gem!

In addition to crafting he was also dragged along to pick out our nice dinner ware. We didnt register for “fine china” just fancier plates haha! I love them though. They are all hand made so each plate is a little different, but they are to.die.for. And I was surprised how much input David had in picking them out. He is now currently obsessed with the few pewter pieces that we picked out as a charger plate and some serving dishes. I have to admit they are a nice compliment, and they keep the pattern form looking TOO girly and keep it kind of gender neutral. Check it out!

chinaIm obsessed I cant even lie about it! I think its the greatest dinnerwear ever and I have already told David that I want to find an old chest to upcycle and keep it in, you know just brain storming some fun new projects for the blog. He didnt seem as excited but I think it could be really awesome. to put some nice glass doors on the front and some top notch shelving inside. It would provide all the extra storage you need for the wedding gifts that wont fit in the kitchen cabinets, be a great decorator piece AND, you can put pretty things on top of it as well. ::sigh:: when will we be in this new place with all this new room??

Well back to the weddings, we also recently got our wedding invitations done, which I know seems a little early, but like I said, I love to cross things off my to do list! So here’s as much of a sneak peak as I could give you without giving TOO much away!

We are also in the process of looking into calligraphy, which has turned out to be quite the man hunt, because we are using dark envelopes, so lots of people are kind of apprehensive, but I think we found our lady and she does some really great work! So I am excited to meet with her in Janauary and see what we can get done!
Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 9.08.53 AM

We also went to a cake tasting with our wedding planner and it was awesome! All the little mini cupcakes she made were great but we ended up just selecting our 4 favorites! Shes going to send us some sketches of designs after the holidays and is even talking about making a new flavor to give David his cinamon fix! And she made so many little cupcakes we were able to bring some of them home with use for our parents to try!

photo (4)

On January 10 it will be 7 months until the wedding, I almost can’t believe it, but I guess thats when things on my to-do list start to get really intense. According to my little Bridal Planning Guide and the I need to complete the following things by the end of the month:
Reserve the Bridal Suite
Select Attendant Attire
Book Caterer
Book the Ceremony Musicians
Book the reception Enterntainment
Book the Florist
Schedule Attendant Fittings
I guess I dont have as much to do, as I could, and most of these items are partially completed, and I didnt even include things in my planner that had  already been 100% completed when I wrote the list out in September,  but I think were going to be pretty busy from here on out! And I have so many other things in the works that I can’t wait to share with you guys!


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