All Hail the Queen City

As the new year rolls around people resolve to do all kinds of things, loose weight, become more active in a cause, find more time to relax, save up for something big, spend more time with family, like I said, all sorts of things. And while privately, I am sure David and I made some of these same resolutions, we publicly want to resolve to become better Charlotte-ians, if thats what they are called! After David’s having lived here for a year and a half and my one year anniversary in the city rolling around in April, we thought it was pretty sad and embarrassing that we know little to nothing about all the great things Charlotte has to offer. Its chalk full of tons of artsy things, lots of delicious foods, tons of sports teams, a few breweries, great farmers markets, and tons more, and we really don’t take enough advantage of it. So, this year, apart from all the other things we hope to accomplish we REALLY want to get to know Charlotte better! We even came up with this list of places we’re ashamed we haven’t been to yet, and vow to visit them by the end of the year! As always I will keep you updated on the progress of that… all right here, so get excited! But here is a little sneak peak of what we have in store for this year, if we can manage to find a free weekend.

Brewery Hopping

The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery

OldeMeckThe Olde Meck Brewery began brewing beer in early 2009 and now they own over 30,000 square feet of space for brewing, tasting, and dining! Our friends Tyler and Melissa brought over a growler of their beer when we watched a Clemson game earlier this year and it was delicious! I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a beer connoisseur, so it was even good for my refined palette! I cant wait to go try this place out, I have heard nothing but awesome things about it, so I have high hopes!

Carolina Beer Company

CarolinaBeerCoThis place is located in Moorseville, a little north of the City, and they have a restaurant in the airport so if you’re ever flying through, maybe stop there and check it out! But since David lives closer to Mooresville, I think we might stop into the brewery and check it out, they are open every Saturday from 12-2pm for tours which are $5 and include a tasting glass for a sample of 5 different brews! Sounds like a good way to kill a Saturday afternoon, if you ask me!

Heist Brewery

heist-3-beersI promise were not raging drinkers, there are just lots of cool breweries in charlotte we want to visit, as well as some in Asheville, but thats for another adventure! This brewery is located in an early 1900s  cotton mill and offers ” Twisted American Cuisine and  Award Winning Handcrafted Beers” I kind of just want to go to this one to see the set up! Im into up-cycled buildings so, hopefully this one won’t let me down, and tasting a few good brews wouldn’t hurt either!!

NoDa Brewing Company


This Brewery, located in North Davidson opened just a little over a year ago in October of 2011, their brew selection tends to showcase American Pale Ales, India Pale Ales, and Porters, which aren’t my favorites, but I would be willing to give them a try, like I said, just to cross another local haunt off our list. Luckily there are only a few brewerys so we will be able to tackle one every few months and you won’t feel like all we have done in 2013 is bum around and drink beer and plan our wedding, but hey, that wouldn’t be a bad life!

Good Eats

Price’s Chicken Coop


If you’re looking for some artery clogging food, this is probably the best bet. David and I have been saying we were going to try this place since I moved up here in April. And here we are a year later, still talking about it. This little mom and pop shop won’t even take your debit or credit card, so you better come with cash in hand! Im not sure I want to try ALL the menu items, but hey, if were going to make the trip, I guess we should make it worthwhile.

The Wineshop @ Foxcroft

Store front by day, and wine bar by night this little shop offers a menu full of foods that pair with their HUGE selection of wines! Their website is awesome as well. I would love to go in an peruse their selection and stay for lunch or dinner, I mean… can it really be a let down? I think not!

Queen City Q


If you know anything about David and me, you know we love a good plate of BBQ. Not that we are looking to end our deep rooted love affair with Smokin’ Pig, in Clemson, but since its no longer local were on the hunt to find some sort of acceptable replacement for when we have those cravings. SO we found this place on line and think it might make a pretty good stand in if we can’t make it down to Clemson. We will definitely keep you posted about finding a good local BBQ spot, though, because I feel like its one of those local staples.

Kings Kitchen

Talk about food for thought! This is another recommendation from our friend Tyler, and I am really excited to try it out. We’d have to save it for a special date night, because we don’t typically run around trying to spend $20 a plate for dinner, but when all the profits made off your meal are then turned around to help out the community!  “The King’s Kitchen is a ministry operating as a not for profit restaurant to raise funds to feed the poor and to train and equip those previously unemployable in the restaurant trade” Sounds pretty awesome if you ask me! Can’t wait to try it out!

Getting our Culture on!

Charlotte Symphony Summer Pops series
Charlotte-Summer-Pops-Series-015David and I attended this with Tyler and Melissa right after he moved here in July of 2011 (and no they aren’t our only friends, they just do lots of coo things and sometimes they take us!). It was so much fun. The Charlotte Symphony hosts an outdoor concert series in a huge amphitheater near south park mall and it was so much fun! You can bring picnics, drinks, blankets and just hang out, eat and listen to some awesome music. We have already gone to this so its not something we need to see again, buuuut I thought it was awesome so I added it to the list and we’ll be going back this year.

NC Dance Theatre
I am dying to go to something at the NC Dance Theatre, as a lover of dance and movement I am almost ashamed that I HAVEN’T seen anything there yet.  We obviously missed our window of opportunity on the Nutcraacker but I would like to see something different and they are doing Peter Pan in March so maybe I can convince David to go, since thats more manly than forcing him to see something like Swan Lake or a Balanchine! Fingers crossed this one pans out for me (haha see what I did there!?)

The Lion King
Ok, th Lion King is coming to Charlotte in August, and I know thats when were getting married but if we don’t see it, I will never forgive myself. We saw it in NYC last Christmas and IT. WAS. AMAZING! If you’re alive you will probably love this musical… and if you don’t I’m concerned about your understanding of the arts! The costumes and props are amazing, the set is UNBELIEVABLE, the choreography is magical. and the music… is AWESOME! Also, Davids dad loves the lion king so if nothing else…. we can go see it and be in our own little happy place without all the party poopers.

1010mintmuseum1Bechtler Museum of Modern Art
Charlotte is also home to a few art museums, which I always think are a fun way to entertain yourself, especially during those rainy winter Saturdays when outdoor activities, or even outdoor existence are impossible! When I lived in Pittsburgh for a semester we went to SO many museums and I loved it, so much to look at and take in!

A Few odds and Ends

U.S. National White Water Center
We’ve been talking about this one for a while too, but I really want to go. I think its so awesome that right outside the city you can come bum around here for the day and pretend like your in the moutains white water rafting or something! And I think they have lots of other things to do as well, not sure, but my goal is to find out, and then do them!

This isn’t really exclusive to Charlotte, I dont think, but its right down the road from where I live, and you get to have a meal and drinks and watch a movie all in one location! Its like a date night one stop shop! And on Tuesdays they have $5 Tuesday and you can get your movie ticket for much cheaper, and I am always a fan of a bargain, now to convince David that we need to have date night on a Tuesday one week… HA!

Dilworth Coffee
Dilworth Coffee
I know what you’re thinking, a coffee shop, really? But This is the place that had the delicious sweet potato muffins when we went to the farmers market one Saturday soooo Im trying to go there and see what other delicious things they can serve to me, because lets be honest, I have a pretty big sweet tooth!

Carolina’s Aviation Museum
This is one of the places David really wants to go, and Im not opposed to dropping in and checking it out. Hes a big plane guy so I guess this would be right up his alley. And apparently they have the plane that landed in the Hudson on display there, pretty cool. So I am sure we will be checking this out soon, since he located it the other weekend while we were bumming around in the car.

So needless to say we have a lot on our calendar for 2013, just trying to get to know Charlotte, on top of planning the wedding, moving out of our apartments, attending lots of weddings, and whatever else comes up in between! Don’t worry, somehow you’ll hear about it all! Can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us, its sure to be one for the books!


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