Coming full circle

I love scarves. There  I said it. Although, if you have ever seen my closet, I don’t need to profess my love to you, its blatantly obvious. And I have to say that despite all the scarves that I have, I still pick my favorites and don’t really change it up as much as I could… or should. Its not really that I like one color or patterned scarf better than the other, I just like the ease with which I can throw on an infinity scarf annnd it just looks awesome. I mean even when I am dressed like a bum I still look half way decent with my scarf on…. see Exhibit A.

Well, I decided that spending $15 to $20 on an infinity scarf was really ridiculous considering I had lots of old sweaters hanging in my closet, begging to become my new favorite fashion accessory…. or so I thought. Apparently when I moved I donated a lot of my old and lesser used clothes to goodwill, so before I could even try my hand at feeding my infinity scarf obsession, I had to repossess some old sweaters, so off to goodwill I went, and I was in luck, $3 sweaters, so I got 3, one to practice on in case I messed up and two more to perfect the art of infinity scarf making. So, heres all you need to do: 

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 9.32.13 PM

See, super easy! You take the sweater and remove the top part by cutting it off right under the armpits, then to add some pizzaz, I cut slits and braided the strands to make braids down one side of the scarf. When you do the braids, start at one end and braid it to the center. Since you never detach the strands, the other side will braid itself and you can meet in the middle. I tacked mine with a needle and thread, otherwise it doesnt really stay… at all, and then, viola its ready for wear!
Soo easy! I did 3 scarves in less than an hour, while watching Dance moms annnnd hanging out with my friend Jaque, who also got her crafting on and made a few scarves!


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