Movement Mondays- Talent

Ok, I normally only post things on my blog that I really enjoyed watching or that really moved me. But this just made me angry. I know I dont always have perfect extensions or immaculate feet, etc etc. but when I saw this in the talent portion of Miss America I was so mad. I mean honestly, there has to be some kind of preliminary… something for the talent portion and shouldnt that stop people from doing something incredibly awkward on national television. How can they even judge this talent when she didnt display any type of technique or form… or anything. Honestly I think the talent portion is really awkward. I mean not that some of them arent super talented but if you dont have something that you really excel in then you are kind of out of luck or left to learn something really quickly, but then its not a talent… its a learned trait. I dont know, just see for yourself. But I wasn’t impressed with about 50% of the “talents” this weekend… especially this one.

additionally, while Im on my Miss America Soap box, what qualifies these celebrity judges to pick Miss America? I mean there are additional judges that actually know what they are doing but I just dont understand how A 16 year old olympian and a weather man are contributing. I mean we might as well just invite Honey Boo Boo and her mom to judge, at least they participate in pageantry. OK done complaining. At least the top 5 people that made it past talent were all actually good at their talents.


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