Save it!

The Cat is outta the bag! David and I have been keeping something under wraps since November and the time as finally come that we get to share it with everyooooone! When we went to get our engagement pictures made in November, we also had  a date with our videographer and shot a save the date video! This is something that she came to us about. She was really interested in creating one, but had never done it before. I knew she was super creative and when we had our first meeting she had all these great ideas! We ended up searching interest for all these cute wedding and engagement pictures and tried to find a way to tie them all together in a video, she even made this hilarious animatic with stick figure stills of all the ideas we had so David and I could try to figure out what we were doing! Once we…. kind of had it planned out I spent some time making lots o’crafty things!


I bought these cool little pendants from hobby lobby and all I had to do was paint the letters on them… and my freehand isnt the best so luckily I had a few extra for my mistaaaakes!


We also included a fun little photobooth segment in our video so I made a bowtie for David and he made me so raaather fashionable cat-eye glasses. Don’t let him fool you, hes a pretty crafty little devil!


Dont we look so fashionable!?


We also saw this really cool picture with a parasol that we liked on line so we got creative and tried to find a way to include it into our video! David and I also wanted to include a message to our guests in the video so there are little word snippets all over the place!


Also, I just find this picture to be rather comical, my bff took it, she came along the day of the shoot to be our prop master  and just hang out and help behind the scenes because she’s the!

So, check out our video and if your in the Aiken/Augusta area, give Courtney at Sweet Tea Videography a call, she’s awesome. If this sounds like a shameless plug, it definitely is! Prior to talking to Courtney, David and I weren’t even going to hire a videographer. She approached me to ask if I had found anyone and I kind of explained to her it was an expense I was considering cutting because I wasn’t overly interested in having a video of just the ceremony because other than the occasional anniversary I didn’t feel like it was anything I would ever look at, and if I am going to spend a couple thousand dollars on something I wanted it to be worth it. Courtney was so great about respecting my view and just said I understand but if you change your mind, here is my info an my portfolio. As soon as I saw her first video I knew I had to have it. She will definitely do the traditional ceremony video but she creates these amazing highlight reels of the whole evening and it just makes everything so much more fun to watch, its like an inside look into our big day, which will be a great keepsake down the road! We get to pick our own music, and vibe, and it can be as serious or fun as we want it to be! I can’t wait to see how the final product comes out, If you have a few extra minutes, check out some of her different videoes on vimeo! She does so many different creative things, not just weddings! So, shameless plug over, check out our fun little videooooo because we love it!



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