Movement Mondays – Breathe Me

I know this song is super old, and I have a feeling this video is too (I couldn’t find a posting date) But I LOVE this choreography. Its so conscious of the little nuances in the music and Im a sucker for those kinds of things! And the legs for days don’t hurt either, why is that not my life…. or better question, why don’t my legs do that!??! Anywho, awesome choreography. My only complaint is… that it ended and didnt last the whole song, I guess it was more of a combo, but still, luuuurve it! So, check it out!




2 thoughts on “Movement Mondays – Breathe Me

  1. Yes, that is really amazing choreography. Of course, the dancers are quite accomplished as well. Thank you so much for sharing. Surprisingly, I have never heard this song, nor seen this video.

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