Arm Candy

True Story: Bangles and Bracelets have to be the easiest way to spice up your look. A second true story: They look terrible on me… Thats not really an exaggeration. I have thick wrists so they almost look uncomfortable… and thats because sometimes they are. AND I cant deal with all the clanking around and bumping them on everything I come in contact with. BUT I love they way other people can work them and any time I go shopping I always stop by the accessories to see if I can find that one set of bangles that doesn’t absolutely drive me insannnne! But enough about my annoyance. Lets talk about how awesome these little add-ons can be for your wardrobe.

231522be4195009d54f3c90b0c798358When I do find the occasional bangle/bracelet set to stack, I tend to be a little more safe with my choices, so I often sink into “like goes with like”. I stick with coordinating, shapes, and colors and ALWAYS make sure that its matchy matchy with my outfit, because sometimes I struggle with color blocking and adding accent colors with things other than neutrals. Sue me.



If I get adventerous, its going to be with something like this, like colors, but varying sizes, patterns, etc. But I know, I know, still not crazy or super fashion forward, but you have to admit, this looks pretty classy, and I know you’d probably wear it too!

a61f24ec6da379cf8a6cab3a5da5eeb9I also tend to be a much bigger fan of a wrap bracelet because I am better at getting them to look right on my wrist. I have a few wraps. I use to wear them a lot more but have found that they dont quite go with the dressy/professional look I try to have at work


I wish I could pull off something like this! I love how it… again, coordinates, but it kind of has its own flare and plus cedarberry bracelets are the But again, I think a little too casual for the everyday look I go for.


I feel like this is something I could do with a little work, but still lets be honest, it took me getting a really nice watch to even get into the habit of wearing a watch on a daily basis, so I really cant imagine adding some additionally clunky jewelry to it, but i think I might try one day. Again, I feel like pulling this off is all about making it look really cohesive but still kind of casual and thrown together, if that even makes sense!?


I also really like the look of this one. Lots of bling and shiny things! But I also like the sideway cross, which has been super hot this year, and the infinity bracelet. I also like the way the more dainty pieces are mixed with the clunky ball bracelet and the black bracelet. It kind of adds variety and breaks  it all up a little! 

e4d9707523a1c2bcbbf59482a30629b9This is the type of arm candy overload I dont think I could deal with. SOOO many different things are going on here. I think you have to be a super stylista to pull off something like this, and I love the complementing colors on the left and the right arm and the way that they are coordinated by arm. So it still looks really well thought out, but kind of casual and random at the same time.



f7793bf1d11286ec1fdd46dea4af80fdANNND finally I really like this one. I feel like its the perfect combination of all of the ones above, some casual pieces, some fun statement pieces, a few dainty pieces, like I said a little bit of everything!

I honestly feel like this is such a great way to A) have an excuse to buy A LOT of arm candy, because you have to stack it and B) display lots of different pieces of jewelry together. You could make so many different looks by having like 6 or 7 key pieces:
1. A large faced watch
2. A big bulky ball bracelet or large cuff
3. a plain dainty bangle
4. a wrap… or two
5. A dainty bangle with a charm (cross, word, monogram, infinity)
6. a bright solid color bangle
7. Something weird and quirky!

Just a few pieces provide endless possibilities for looking like an extreme fashionista in class, in the office, or running your monotonous errands on Saturday! There is never an excuse not to accessorize with all that fab arm candy!!!!







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