10 Park Lanes

This past Friday, David and I decided we were going to give up our lives of bumming around on the weekends and take the first step toward making the best of all that Charlotte has to offer, as we mentioned at the beginning of the year.


So we decided to do a little double dating with my friend Jaque and her boyfriend and check out 10 Park Lanes in Montford.


I know what you’re thinking. “Wow, Kristin, grandmas sat us for sure, bowling on a Friday night?” but this bowling ally was just renovated, its like this bar, and full service restaurant…


I mean we had to wait an hour and a half to get a lane. You let me know the last time you did that at your local bowling ally? UMM never!


But it was so much fun and totally worth the wait, just to get out and do something outside of our routine, and I was really excited to go with Jaque and Chris


because I feel like they are our first Charlotte couple friends that we dont know from some other stage in our lives, which is really exciting, because I love meeting new people!


I have to admit none of us are any good at bowling… after two games… the highest score between all four of us was a 107…. which David got. Salt in the wound, of course David was the best one. And I am pretty freaking terrible at bowling. I always think eeeh Im not THAT bad… but I am.. really, its kind of shameful. 

I mean, I dont understand how we cant all be amazing at bowling, look at what exquisite form we all have. We should be fixtures atop the worlds most honored bowling trophies. Thats how legit we are. Although, everyone had lots of pointers for my technique because apparently I just kind of toss the ball down the lane, but its whatever, I still had fun! 

We really had a lot of fun considering we were bowling next to a guy that was just there to practice for his bowling league and he was shaming all of us with this 250+ bowling score. DEPRESSING. But I was really excited to learn that they have this awesome deal on Sunday nights where its all you can bowl and your shoe rental for $14 which is an awesome deal because we paid a little over $15 a piece to bowl two sets and rent our shoes. I think we will definitely have to hit that up one Sunday because we all know how much I love a deal!







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