What are your cravings really telling you?

My friends Chris, Katy and I, have spent a lot of time recently chatting about fitness, nutrition, getting in shape, etc. From changing what we eat to holding each other accountable for staying on the straight and narrow, I definitely feel like making this a group effort, despite how we all have different end goals has given us a place to hash out frustrations, celebrate successes, and steal ideas from each other to improve our attempts to get healthy. So, that brings me to topic of my blog today, Chris and I were talking about how easy it is to give into cravings sometimes especially when you’re feeling stressed or too lazy to do the right thing, because it isn’t always easy. While talking I remembered something I read on pinterest that I thought was really interesting. It talked about how cravings are reflective of nutrients your body is missing, and sometimes those nutrients don’t even COME from them foods that you think you want. Isn’t that the craziest thing? I think it is. I couldn’t find the cute little chart that was on pinterest, of course (which is why I am a proponent of over-pinning, because I know I will never find the pin later), but I did find this article, that listed it all out, so I made this cute little chart for you, because its much more fun to look at!

Want_Need_CravingsLike I said, I think its funny how some of this is counter intuitive. You have a lack of appetite, you should definitely eat some liver that will do the trick, cure ya right up (BLEH!). Oh you want some french fries, chomp on this broccoli instead. I don’t know but I thought about keeping this handy, not to stop the cravings by ACTUALLY eating what my body is apparently missing, but because when I think “Man a piece of chocolate would be SOOO good right now!” and then I look at this chart and see that maybe I should eat some legumes (WHATEVER THAT IS?!?!) instead, I will no longer crave said items. And THAT sounds like a rock solid plan to me. But if you are into making a change, let me know if you apply some of these changes, to improve what you’re lacking in your diet! I think it would be cool to see how your cravings change!


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