The Mickey Mouse Birthday Bash

This past weekend, David and I spent some much needed time with my extended family at my grandma’s house to celebrate LOTS of February birthdays. Both my little cousins were born in February as were my Dad and my Grandma (they were actually born on the same day), so we had a busy weekend of family time, birthday parties, and cake… lots and lots of cake, or maybe just food in general. My family is big into southern cookin’ so every meal was a production, which was awesome for my tastebuds and less than awesome for my pre-wedding waistline.Although, I have to admit, I don’t regret a single bite!!!

We even caught a  little glimpse of the winter weather, I actually got up Saturday morning to a light dusting on the ground and the snow falling ALL DAY! I thought it was going to ruin all the big plans, but we managed to man up and make it to the birthday party, SO enough about the snow, lets talk about the big event for the weekend, which was the SUPER CUTE and so well themed: The Mickey Mouse Birthday Party!!!

My two little cousins are currently OBSESSED with Mickey Mouse, and primarily Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so the mouse was out in full force for the party! There were SO many cute homemade decorations and crafts, so naturally I loved it, and David and I even helped out by making some Mickey Mouse cake pops, they got kind of melty and squished in the car, but more on that in tomorrows post! Lets get back to the super par-tay!


First, there was this cute little birthday sign, all Mickey Mouse-d out! I love the ears on the letters and the banners, and the shorts and the buttons, everything! Like I said, so perfectly themed!!


Then we move on to the tables, which were also so great! The mickey heads in the pots had balloons attached to them, as no good birthday party is complete with out balloons, and I think the use of the styrofoam balls was perfect for making the centerpieces! Also, she even went as far as to make her own PLACEMATS!!! Which were also Mickey heads!


See, soooo cute! She literally went all out! This is another reason David and I can never have children because I will spend and obscene amout of time making things for children’s birthday parties, which is probably no healthy!


They also had this super cute and delicious mickey cake made, because, of course, the cake makes the party! So, this one was perfect for the occasion!


ANDDD! Tadaaaaaa, these are our cake pops! Sorry, the picture is kind of blurry, you will have plenty of time to oogle them tomorrow…. pre-melt! Like I said, they did NOT travel well. And last but not least, here is our favorite part of the party:


There was a HUGE mickey balloon for all the kids to take pictures with, so, after the crowd started to thin, David and I decided we would take a few fun pictures… and by we… I mostly mean David…


Who wanted to pose like the Walt Disney statue at the entrance to Disney World, and I commend him for his efforts! But my favorite picture is this one of David taking a little stroll with Mickey through the birthday party. My little gentle giant!
IMG_2828Clearly they are besties! It was definitely a great weekend filled with lots of fun and excitement and eating, and family togetherness, especially with all the snow that kept us all inside all day, dreading the frozen tundra that existed outside!


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