Cake Pop Creations

Yesterday I told you all about the Mickey Mouse birthday party we went to for my two cousins this past weekend. In that post I also mentioned that David and I had quite the little adventure making cake pops. I would first like to say that we purposely did a test run to see how long it would take, how many cake pops one batch of the cake batter would make, and find a good technique for dipping the pops in the icing we were making. I have to say that David wasn’t thrilled to begin with, I got less thrilled as the project went on, AND he has set a deadline for the cake pops to be finished for the trial run, and that was by the time the Superbowl came on. Really I only have myself to blame for the time crunch, as I should not have planned this activity on the same day as the LAST FOOTBALL GAME UNTIL FALL (dun dun dunnnnnnn!) But we managed to get it done. I have to say that I am really happy that we took the initiate to do the test run because…. they did NOT turn out well…. AT ALL. We used icing that was too thick, couldn’t quite figure out the ears and had about 10 of our 35 cake pops that looked something like… this:


Yeah so it was a pretty traumatic experience, but David did manage to figure out a really good dipping technique by the end so the last few that we did looked pretty top notch, and then by the time we were ready to make the cake pops the second time for the birthday party we looked like seasoned professionals. Which, I can’t imagine how frustrated and discouraged I would have been if the trial run had been the actual making of the birthday party cake pops because… it was really demoralizing. But, enough about my failures, lets talk about my awesome successes!


Like I said after the trial run we had much more success making the cake pops. The recipe is super easy and my BFFL (haha!) got me this fun little cake pop maker for Christmas, so I almost feel like I am cheating because it makes like a dozen cake balls at a time, and I normally make 3 batches with on recipe of the batter! If you’re looking to get a cake pop maker, I definitely recommend this one, it comes with a little transfer tray to move the pops from the maker to the drying rack and a poker to remove the cake balls, and a recipe book for tons of different pops. We only experimented with the regular cake, we didn’t want to get too crazy on the first try, but I brought some to work and my Bosses grandkids told him that they were better than the cake pops at Starbucks. Winning!

How do you make these “better than Starbucks cake pops,” you ask? Let me tell you. You just need a few ingredients, some patience and some “cookie sticks” as they like to call them at Michael’s.

Your Supplies List includes:
Flour – 1 1/2 cups
Sugar – 1 cup
Eggs- 2
Baking Powder- 1 tsp
Vanilla- 2 Teaspoons
Butter – 1/2 cup
milk- 1/2 cup
salt – 1/4 teaspoon
Cake Pop Maker
Cookie Sticks
Vanilla Frosting- 1 16 oz container
White Chocolate chips- 1/2 cup +
Food Coloring

First you want to mix the cake batter: Flour salt and baking soda, then sugar and butter, then add the eggs and vanilla to the butter/sugar mixture, and then add the milk and flour mixture to this. Mix well, make sure you get all the lumps out. No one wants little pockets of flour in their cake pops, that’s gross! Once you have it all mixed, spoon on tablespoon of the mixture into each little spot on your cake pop maker.
The close the lid and cook the balls for about 4 or 5 minutes, you want them to be a nice golden brown on the bottom side, but not burnt. Try to just trust the machine and not open the lid on the cake pop maker, things turn out better when you do that!
Then remove the cake balls and let them cool COMPLETELY before you do anything else with then. We normally waited about 30 minutes to an hour to start messing with them, just because we wanted to be sure they were dry. Then you want to insert the sticks into the cake pops, so melt down some of your chocolate in a double boiler, once you do that, you want to put about 1/2 an inch of the stick into the white chocolate and then pop it into the bottom of the cake ball.

IMG_2795We let these dry for a while as well to make sure they were nice and attached before we started attaching ears and dipping them, etc etc to make our Mickey head cake pops.

While you’re doing this you can mix up your icing, which is one can of the vanilla icing and 1/2 cup or more of the white chocolate chips. The more chocolate, the harder the icing will be when it dries (which is the trick) Just make sure you don’t burn it! We used deep coffee cups and boiling water to make a double boiler because you want something deep enough to submerge the entire cake pop at once while you are trying to frost it.


To make the ears we used tiny little oreos and cut slits in the sides of the cake pops. To attach them we dunked the oreos into  icing and the chocolate mixture to use that as an adhesive!
IMG_2802Once we made sure those were nice and dry (and they had a little sit in the freezer to make sure) we began dunking them. We used red and yellow food coloring to make the colored icing, but you can do whatever color you like! Then, hold the cake pop upside down and dunk it into the frosting.


Make sure you do this part really fast and then let the excess run off the top of the pop before you turn it rightside up to dry. We found that using a Styrofoam block to hold all the cake pops worked best and we can definitely reuse it for future projects. WOOT!
IMG_2807They aren’t perfect, but I have to say they look pretty good for something we made in our kitchen on a Thursday night! And they taste delicious, which is what really matters! Once we made sure they were all dry, we individually packaged them so they were party ready! You don’t have to do this, but we traveled like 2 hours with them so we felt it was necessary.
IMG_2809We just used mini treat bags from Party City and then tied them with ribbons for a cute little decorative look! And TA-DA! There you have our cake pops, like I mentioned yesterday, they didn’t travel well. I guess they got hot and mushy in the car. Oh well! Its the thought that counts, right?!



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