Pan Cooked Pot Stickers

The first time David and I ever made pot stickers in college it took us like 3 hours and by the time we finished cooking, we were so frustrated, completely exhausted and still starving. It wasn’t really an epic fail because dinner turned out quite deliciously, but it was one of those moments where you thought ‘gosh, this would be twice as delicious, if they weren’t cold, it wasn’t 9:00 at night, and I didn’t have a few oil burns on my arm    -_- such is life. Over the years we have kind of gotten it down to a science, a science that involves my sister… because she is really good  at sealing the wonton wrappers, and that part takes a while. SO, when she said she was coming to visit this past weekend, we knew that we had the perfect opportunity to make delicious little bags of steamed asian goodness! And I was really excited, because I was finally able to share this with you!

1 bag of dry asian slaw or cabbage
1lb of ground pork or turkey
1 Tbsp. of Soy Sauce
1 cup of water
1 package of wonton wrappers (or 48 wrappers)


1. Cook the ground turkey (or pork, or chicken or whatever you want to use!) and then drain off the excess fats and oils. Return the drained meat back to the pan and mix together with the asian slaw and soy sauce and sauté quickly, add pepper to taste. This will be your stuffing

2. Let the stuffing cool completely, we always put ours in the freezer just to cool it down because if it is too hot it will make the wonton wrappers really doughy and hard to deal with, and potentially poke holes in them. Once it is cool, put a very small spoonfull of the stuffing in the middle of the wrapper.
IMG_28543. Once you do that you wan to spread it so that it makes a diagonal line from corner to corner on the wrapper, and then dip your finger in the cup of water and coat the edges of the wrapper with water, this will help them to stick together and seal.

IMG_28564. Once you do this fold the edges over, corner to corner, to make a triangle. and then press the edges, then use a fork to seal the pouches, and set the closed pouches aside.
IMG_28595. Heat a deep pan of vegetable oil to medium high heat. Once the oil is heated, sear the pot stickers on each side until they are a nice golden brown, this should only take a few minutes per side.
IMG_28606. Immediately remove the pot stickers from the pan and put them in a steamer (aka a deep pan with a little water in the bottom) with a lid. Let the pot stickers steam for 3 to 5 minutes and then remove from the steamer and sit on a drying rack to drain excess oil and water.


7. Once they are all cooked, serve up with rice or veggies and enjoy! We had ours with edamame! SOOOO delicious! And David has become quite the master at getting just the right amount of crunch on the outside of the potstickers. We always tell our parents we want to make this dish for them… but its just so intense, so it never really pans out!


This is a great meal for family kitchen time together. You almost have to set up a little pot sticker assembly line to make it happen, a stuffer, a closer, a sealer, and someone to man the stove! Its definitely key to prepare and be organized when making this meal because the kitchen can get chaotic pretty quickly! Don’t stress if the first attempt is kind of cray! It took us a few times to get it right, but now I would say that were pretty much ballers at making pot stickers, however unless you want to lend a hand in the kitchen, don’t ask us to make these for you! We’ll make you work for a good dinner around here!


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