Mac’s Speed Shop

This past Friday night, David and I hit up another local spot with our friends, Tyler and Melissa. First of all it was so good to see them and catch up on things. Tyler is a mutual friend from our major at Clemson and his wife, Melissa, has become one of my lady friends since we are now all in charlotte together! David and I have been talking a lot about finding a good bbq joint in Charlotte to fill the void left by the one and only smokin pig in Clemson, and until this friday we hadn’t even eaten BBQ since our last visit to Clemson in September or October. So, dinner Friday night at Mac’s speed shop was quite the little treat! Macs-Speed-Shop-South-End

The BBQ was pretty top notch, and the atmospehere was great, and the fact that they had a super beer selection wasn’t too shabby either! At first I was kind of bummed, because this place is a lot closer to where I live now, which is not going to be where I live when David and I finally settle down, since were both currently working on the North side of town. BUUUUT! lucky us, they also have a location in Cornelius, so we could make it work if we had to. They also have tons of events and live music and entertainment all the time, so it would be a cool place to just kind of go, hang out, relax, and have a few drinks. Apart from my delicious bar-b-que plate, I also appreciated the fact that they chose to celebrate national margarita day ( which was this past friday) by selling me a margarita on the cheap! Gotta love that! We will definitely be paying quite a few more visits to Mac’s. Again, I continue to be embarrassed that it has taken this long for use to become more familiar with the city we now call home, BUT our goal this year is to change all that, so stay tuned for more!


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