Be Our Guest

Even though David and I entertained a multitude of guests in the first two weekends of home ownership, and even hosted our first over night guests in our home last weekend, since my parents came up to help with the move, I am still really excited about working on our guest bedroom. I think this is primarily because I know I can do something a LITLLE more funky in there than I would in a room that we spend a lot of time in. Despite the fact that David might not be into the kind of mod/funky style I am going for in there… I hope and think that he will like the final product. I have my visual point of reference on Pinterest, obviously, and I have the bed spread already selected and fulfilled on my registry ( loooong  story, but I definitely ruined my Mom’s surprise, can’t wait to get it at one of our showers!!) Anywho, heres kind of an idea for what we might be going for… and by we I mean… ME!

1. During our work weekend we went ahead and painted the room a nice neutral gray, so we have a good blank canvas, that isn’t super boring, which we like. I also feel like it makes the white trim and moldings really pop right off the wall.

2. I am kind of interested in having some cool sconces in one of our rooms, so I am thinking something like this would be a cool addition to the decor, but I am not sure about the gold up against the gray, it might just be a trial and error kind of thing.

3. I am really into weird accents, like I said, so I want to do some pops of white ( I know you normally say pops of color) but the color pallet in this room allows us to do pops of white, so I really like this little elephant accent piece!

4. Again with the white, I think I am going to do a white table lamp, I am also thinking of doing a little craft project on the existing floor lamp so I will have to keep you posted about that one. It has potential to be really really awesome or really really disastrous.

5. This is the bedspread surprise I ruined… soooo SURPRISE! This is what we are using in our guest bedroom.

6. Again with the white… Davids existing bedroom set we put in there is all black so I promise it will be balanced out. Not too much white. But I love the vases and I hear they have them at Homegoods, so I might go snoop those out because a little collection of them would be nice on tall dresser that sits opposite the bed.

7. Speaking of funky! I really want to have one of these in the room, I have mentioned it in passing to David but he isn’t quite on the train to funky town. But I think this would just add a little bit of artsy-ness?? haha! Im not really sure what to call it, I mean I dont want it to be a functional light, its more for looking, not for using!

8. So, like I said, the furniture is black and we need some bed side tables in that room, right now we have one of those $10 IKEA tables that you screw the legs on to, which is fine, I have one in the master too, but just beware, the hunt is on to replace these tables (in both rooms)!

9. And, I am always a big supporter of a cool over the bed focal point, and I feel like this one is AWESOOOOME, and it will help our guests know when it is time to GET OUT! Just kidding , just kidding, stay as long as you like. But, I do think its a cool statement piece and focal point for the room.

So, anyways, thats where the guest bedroom is headed! We’re not really on any type of timeline, just as the things come in through shower gifts or gift cards, or savings…once ours feels less tired from the downpayment. So, I’ll keep you posted on the progression, but at least you know the vision!


Our Style Scope

A friend posted this on FB the other day and I wanted to check it out and see how spot on I thought it was about my personal style. I always find little quizzes like this to be so interesting because I am a really visual person, so I think its cool to see what my visual intersets say about my personality, my style or whatever other portion of my psyche they care to address in this manner. So, I took this little Homegoods Stylescope test, to see what they thought about my choices!  I also loved that everything was pictures. When you go to the page you get this little diagram

Before I took the little quiz I decided I wanted to name my own style and I decided it was rustic with a touch of class. I tend to like things that look old and hand made or ARE hold and or hand made and I am really into making a space feel comfortable and liveable. My mom said I always had a knack for taking a space I had spent minimal time in and making it look like I had lived there for a few years. I just never want to feel uncomfortable in my own space and I don’t want anyone else to either. I tend to like warm colors, soft lighting, and lots of pillows (one of Davids least favorite things about my decorating) Even the man cave has 5 pillows on the couch! So needless to say I was excited to see what Homegoods had to say about the thing that caught my eye!
StyleScape_ChoicesSo, I picked (1) those GORGEOUS pink flowers. For 2 reasons, I love pink, and I love having fresh flowers in the house. Especially in the spring and summer. I think they really brighten up the room and make it more inviting, and it just makes your home look lived in! (2) Next I picked that gold face. I really cant describe what it is that I LIKE about it other than I was drawn to the texture and kind of monochromatic appearance of it (I am really into monochromatics these days, just ask David!) I was just immediately drawn to it, and thats all I know to say! (3) Next I picked this ampersand. I liked that it looked old and loved, but I also like type faces. Any kind of type. I think its a print thing. Oh well! But, like the face,  it really spoke to me too, so I had to pick it. (4) I picked the pearls, SUE ME! Despite everything I am still a little southern girl who likes getting all dolled up and throwing on a set of pearls to go out on the town. And I still believe, nothing says high class like a string of pearls around your neck. (5) I picked the chevron pattern, because who DOESN’T love a big bold print. Occasionally you just have to get crazy! So, according to Homegoods and their little test I am:
StyleScape_AnswerHonestly, I think they hit the nail right on the head. I love all the little nuances of the things in this collage! I love the mercury glass vases, the letter, the pearls, the textre of the fabrics, the little white bird votive candles. I feel like its totally me! What I was shocked about was the “touch of Boho” I have never really considered myself Bohemian…. at all. But I read the little descriptions, sooo I guess it works?  “Boho isn’t just carefree. She’s adventurous and passionate, loving color and new and unusual uses for things. She’s into the Revamp, Reuse, and Recycle, and she can’t get enough of foraging for a good deal while mixing and matching silk-and-knit textures and vibrant colors anywhere she can.” I can get into repurposing and recycling but I am not sure about the carefree part, but I do like to mix and match. I want you to think I have expensive taste, but I don’t want to pay the expensive price! haha!  But I thought the major part… the farmhouse chic was pretty spot on. According to Homegoods  “Farmhouse Glam is the delicate, exquisite balance between beautiful femininity and rustic nonchalance. She’s all about the discovery of unexpected sparkle amidst the less polished. She wears high heels and a denim jacket, a string of pearls and bare feet. And her home feels as special as it does comfortable.” I feel like that is pretty spot on with the way I describe myself, and my favorite part is they give you little design ideas that go with your personal style. So awesome!

Then I made David take it because I wanted to know how our styles worked… and I think these might be a little mixed up, but I guess they work well together. He was defined as “classic with a touch of new country” – “Classic knows there’s a place for everything—and everything belongs in its place. She’s a perfectly tailored dress. A smooth, 4-tiered wedding cake. And she imbues her sense of structure with a graceful elegance, an undisturbed calm, and of course, an irrefutable beauty.”  Like I said. It makes sense but kinda not, BUUUUT I think the new country is totally him! “New Country understands the value of slowing down, enjoying the sunsets, bringing the outside in, and feeling a real sense of relaxation in her space. She is laidback, but her style is still intentional and beautiful in its rustic elegance.” Luckily, I feel like these two go together, enough… haha.


Regardless of our results I am excited to see how our Classic Farmhouse Chic, New Country Boho home turns out! Stay tuned to see it all!

Empty House Tour

Yippee! The big move is finally over, after a week of packing and shuffling boxes around my apartment, and David doing the same in his, we are finally living in our new home!!!


I decided it was time to let you guys see what we have had in the works for the past few months, since I feel like everything has been kind of underwraps. I mean maybe it hasn’t, but I feel like blogging causes me to be more open with things so keeping the house thing on the DL was really hard. I mean I wanted to post pictures of it when we put the offer in before we went to Disney in January. So needless to say, I’m really jazzed for you guys to see it. BUT, sorry to say, none of our stuff is inside the house in any of the pictures, so you’ll have to wait for the progression to occur over the next few months.











Movement Mondays – STIMLEA

HOLY LINES! The shapes and lines these girls hit are awesome. And the contrast between the fluidity and hits is so great. The kind of thing I could only wish to emulate on the stage. ::le sigh:: I also really like the music, a little different, but too much. (STIMELA by Wynter Gordon) and the choreography by Matt Tseng, as I mentioned before, is to die for. Love love love! Enjoy! And Happy Movement Mondays!

Young and Wild and Free

I read this article on Thought Catalog yesterday, and it has really had me thinking. I know I don’t typically write post about life, other than my weird adventures and happenings, or decorating, or cooking, but this article kind of moved me. It reminded me of a lot of people I know, and a lot of people that I use to know…. I mean I still know them, but now they are a little more…. responsible, or insightful, or grown up, OR lost, because lets be honest some twenty somethings really don’t know what they are doing, where they are going, or even which way is up. I read the article because the title kind of caught my eye in my twitter feed, but what I found is that there is a little bit of knowledge in there for everyone. Nico Lang, the author, blatantly states You Don’t Have To Be A Hot Mess In Your 20sand shes totally right. You don’t. But so many of us are.

197268_843629427828_1598969_nOne of the first things I thought of after reading it was a conversation I had with my friend Katy a few months back. We were talking about David and I considering the purchase of our first home, and our upcoming wedding, and she was telling me about some cool event she had been to in Atlanta that weekend and her upcoming promotion with a huge ad firm at work, and we realized how in the mere 18 months we had been separated since our college graduation our live paths had completely diverted. In college, you could pretty much say we were attached at the hip. We did everything together. We were in the same major, had the same circle of friends, did our projects and school work together, partied together, spring break-ed together, struggled over boys together, hated the same people. EVERYTHING. Katy and I are still very close, but one day it just struck a chord that no one we went to college with was really doing the same things anymore. Some of us are getting married, some of us are already married and starting families, some are super career focus, some are socially focused, some are….”seeing the sites”, if you will, and using their twenties as a time of exploration and adventure. But none of us are on the exact same page any more. And what was so bizzare to us was that it literally took NO TIME at all for that to happen.

I also feel like I really connected to Nico, she pointed out that she reads all these things on line about being in your twenties, and how crazy awesome it is, and all the cool things you get to do, and she totally doesn’t connect with that. And I was right there with her…I mean, what do you mean you went site seeing in the Greek Isles for 10 days? Sometimes I can barely pay all my bills. Oh, you’re following a DJ around on tour, cool… GO TO WORK. And I don’t think my reaction to those things it out of jealousy, I am perfectly content with where I am in my life and where things are headed in the coming months, I guess I missed the train to adventure that picked some of us up at graduation and carried us all over the world.

Sometimes, when I look around at my peers I just think “really?” I think  we’re all just on completely different playing feilds and I wonder if they use the stereotypical image of a 20-something as an excuse to do weird things, or make ridiculous mistakes, or not do anything productive with their lives, because HEY, thats what your 30s are for, right? WRONG. I honestly don’t think there is anything wrong with getting your crap together when youre twenty. I have had so many people ask me since last August how I could be ready to get married at 23 or 24 and I just think “I don’t know, I just am” Im not interested in the bar scene, I don’t feel restless at all in my personal life, and I feel like I am right where I am suppose to be. I would say that my 15-year old self would be really proud because she was definitely going to be married by age 25 and settled in her life. But, she might be sad to know that along the way she discovered she hated math and science, and a career in medicine was never going to be an option, and everything you thought about being a career oriented, driven 20-something was totally wrong. I definitely have my personal life all figured out my career is a giant blur. Like, on a daily basis I still don’t know what I want to be “when I grow up,” whenever that will be. But I know that the people that are permanent fixtures in my life will support me no matter what. I never dreamed I would be that 20 something year old job hopper but in the past year or so since my college graduation I have held 4 different jobs. I was almost embarrassed about it, but then I remembered to be proud of the fact that when things didn’t work out the way I thought they would, I did what I had to in order to get by, because even though I had “failed” at my first career attempt, I didn’t run back to the safety of the nest or give up, I just kept chugging along and I think thats commendable right?


When I left my job at RV in August, it was probably one of the most terrifying things I have ever thought about doing. It wasn’t really a “heres my two week notice” kind of deals, it was a “Im done, see ya NEVER” kind of things. But, falling flat on my face like that after my first attempt at being a real adult allowed me to see that I wasn’t going to disappoint anyone by making huge life decisions, as long as I kept trying. My parents weren’t going to love me any less or think any less of me, David wasn’t going to leave me because I had to work a retail job for a few months until I found a permanent position, and it gave me the strength to know I could look like in the face and tell it to suck it. The last few weeks before I left my job there my friend Katy and I spent hours trying to find the silver lining in the situation, and it has only been recently that I was able to see it. Looking back, I’m glad I used my twenties to do something like that and now I know a career change, or any major life change isn’t going to ruin you, just challenge you a little.This portion of the post really stuck with me, so I wanted to share it with you, because I think that its really what being in your 20s is really about, failure but for the right reasons, self acceptance, learning the real meaning of perseverance, etc.

“But at some point you have to stop believing the worst about yourself and those around you and stop being your own worst enemy. There’s nothing wrong with your flaws; they are beautiful and a part of you, and you will always be a partially broken, not-quite-formed person. That doesn’t mean you can’t still go out and achieve great things, or that there aren’t parts of your life that are put together.”


So true, life isn’t about becoming some perfect flawless version of yourself. Thats almost impossible. I know some people look like they have it all together, but I have to think that somewhere, in some part of their subconscious mind they are probably loosing it over something. There are parts of my life that I feel like are pretty pulled together right now, and others that aren’t so much, but  it is what it is, and I find the less I stress over it, the more I can enjoy it and be present in every moment, and thats really what its all about isn’t it?!

Awesome article, you better read it!!!!!!!!!!

Master Moodboard

WOOOOT! This weekend is the big move, which means the next several months will be filled with decorating, arranging and rearranging furniture, and making our new house the perfect home! So, to kick everything off, heres our master bedroom mood board. When I first started visualizing the space I thought I really wanted to do something chic and stylish, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it need to be comfortable and warm and relaxing, since this is where David and I would be able to go to escape. I just want it to look like the decor wants to give you a big ‘ole hug! So I decided to go with neutral tones and warm accents, lots of homey touches, and nothing too bold to interrupt the flow. I found my ideal room on pinterest, so I think I will borrow this idea from them and then put my own spin on it!
Master_MoodBoardLike I said, I love the neutral color pallet. I think we are going to accent with some maroons or plums, but nothing to bright and out there, plus it will be easy to change out the accent color without too much worry with clashing, etc. So, another point for the neutral color scheme. I was also probably drawn to this room design because… I already own that bed spread so it was really easy for me to visualize putting it all together, and I wasn’t really interested in reinventing the wheel with the decor since I had most of the pieces, just spicing up what I already had. I am in the process of converting some older lamps into mercury glass ones to use, and I really want to get a really awesome mirror, because I feel like they make such a statement.

I have been oogling the one picture above on pinterest for like 2 months now. I know I will probably never find its twin, but I will find something that is perfect for our space. I also LOOOOVE those white bedside tables, again probably because I already have white ones, but I really like the pottery barn table pictured above because it looks old AND new, kind of country, I love the little accents like the handles and the shelves that make it a little different than your average bedside table. It also has a matching 4-drawer night stand. I enjoy the masculinity of the piece, I feel like David could really get on board with it! haha.

I also really like their wood statement sign and I might have something like that in the works soon, our master bedroom ceiling is vaulted so we need something kind of big and dramatic to fill the space. and  the wall the bed on is kind of long, so I am thinking I might want to add some sconces, or if I decided they are better suited for either side of the window, they might end up there, but I think its definitely a great way to add that romantic touch to the room, without going over the top. The master bedroom is definitely on the top of my to-do list because I don’t want it to feel like it is in disarray for several months, especially considering we are about to move into a pretty hectic spring with the wedding less than 5 months away, so having a place all our own to relax is going to be key. I will keep you posted on the progress of these projects! YAY design!

“Can’t miss Tilapia”

Another of our amended recipes, due to so pre-meal drama, but lets just leave it at some meat not saving well for us…. We were suppose to be making Paula Dean’s “Cant miss Red Snapper” but that red snapper reaaaaally didn’t need to be ingested so we went to plan B and David went and grabbed some Tilapia for us, which ended up being a great discovery because it is a pretty moderately priced fish, so we can use that to jazz up our week night menu options over the coming months, because I LOOOVE seafood! So, hopefully I can bring David to the light! To have made a change in the recipe as extreme as changing the main component, the meal was actually really tasty! So I definitely recommend trying it, because it was a super easy week night meal, once we made it past the struggle of the bad fish. meh.


  • 4 (8-ounce) fish fillets, about 1/2-inch thick (we used tilapia, but the original recipe called for Red Snapper)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 cup chopped onions
  • 1 green bell pepper, chopped
  • 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 cup freshly grated Parmesan


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Season the fish with the salt and pepper. Spread the onions and pepper in a 13 by 9-inch glass baking dish and place the fish on top.Dot the fish with butter. Sprinkle with a little Worcestershire sauce. Bake for 12 minutes.


Then baste fish with pan juices. Sprinkle the fish with Parmesan and then place under the broiler for about 2 minutes or until the cheese browns.


To serve, spoon the vegetables over the fish.




Spring Cleaning…. Or Something

This weekend we spent the ENTIRE weekend prepping our new house to move in next weekend. It was so exciting to finally get inside the house and put in a little time and elbow grease making it our own. We cleaned the house from top to bottom. It was kind of like… spring cleaning … although, I dont know that you can call it spring cleaning if you are cleaning up after someone else… but, nonetheless we gave our new house the deep clean it needed for our big move next weekend.


I am talking carpets, windows, baseboards, floors, pressure washing, the whole 9 yards. We even got some freshening up done with painting (3 rooms to be exact, plus the ceilings and baseboards in those rooms!)


We still have lots of little projects, but it feels good to get our own stamp on the place, and make sure its all nice and clean for us to bring all our stuff in! I just hope no one bumps the walls, because… David’s Dad will not be happy! He was a beast with a paint brush! Between him, my Dad and David, we probably could have painted every room if we had another day and a half… and some younger bones and muscles, I think right now were all about to DIE!


It was so much fun spending the weekend with everyone getting the house ready! We had so many visitors. My parents and David’s parents were there for the whole weekend, and we got these GORGEOUS hydrangeas.


I am hoping they don’t die on me, and I can pot them once we get into the house!!! I mean, these are so great, how could I not try to make them last forever?! and then throughout the day on Saturday my aunt and sister stopped by, and David’s brother and his wife came up and helped us knock out a few of the huge projects. We’re so lucky to have such great families that are willing to pitch in and help out with everything. AND they know us so well, because my aunt brought David and I this yummy red velvet cake! Which was great for when we needed that little energy boost during the weekend.


Despite the fact that we worked most of the weekend we still managed to squeeze in some of our family fun. We took a shopping trip to Garden Ridge (this awesome home accessories store in Charlotte) and picked out our new area rug for the den, new throw pillows, and some other accent pieces… and grabbed a few things for the wedding 🙂


The guys also got to spend some time at Bass Pro, since they weren’t into the home decor shopping trip. Saturday night we also made s’mores and just hung out by our fire pit in the back yard, which was fun, definitely a great way to unwind after working all day.



AND I managed to get a HUGE craft project completed for the master bedroom, but you will have to wait to see that one!


I’m so excited for you to see it, I think everyone, myself included, was a little apprehensive about the outcome, but everything turned out masterfully, and now I have one more skill to add to my list. Never a bad thing! EEEEk I can’t wait to show you guys everything we have been working on, and share our new home with you over the next few weeks! Lots of exciting things coming up!!!!!!! I just hope we remember to take time to stop and savor the moments, so many great ones happening around us! IMG_2990

Movement Mondays – You Always Made it Easy

The perfect example of the impact that minimalism can make. There isnt anything huge or overly complex here, but I just couldn’t stop watching it! I feel like I got all caught up in the story, but isnt that what dance is suppose to do? So great! “A short film choreographed and danced by Jason Gorman and Matt Luck. Music by Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band. Filmed by Dave Jaranilla. Edited by Matt Luck. The girl is played by Lauren Slack. Filmed at Elevation Studios.”


YIPPEE! I have been bursting at the SEAMS to write this post for almost two months now, but we can finally say that we closed on our first house yesterday! I still cant believe we own a home and I SERIOUSLY can’t tell you how relieved I am to have this whole process over with! I am sure some of you are kind of shocked because we have been keeping this whole thing on the down-low. We have been really apprehensive to share anything, just in case things went awry. We started looking in January and put in a offer on this house right before we left for our Disney trip with David’s family, so the whole thing has been looming for like 2.5 months! It’s been killing me because all I have wanted to do is post really really fun idea boards and craft projects etc! So look forward to that in the coming months!  BUUUUT!!!! Here is our little house! I am pretty much obsessed with it, its kind of ridiculous and we still can’t believe its ours!!!!!


If I am being honest about the whole home buying process, its been really stresfful. I mean the money part of it is kind of stressful, but we made sure to talk about all our options and discuss everything money related before hand, but its the complete lack of control we had in the process that i absolutely hated. Other that putting in the offer, we felt pretty helpless and useless during the whole loan underwriting process and it seemed like every move we made was being looked at under a microscope. Like if I thought about going to the bank and withdrawing money, they were probably going to call me to ask me what I was doing and why, or at least thats what I felt like. So I have had to be super conscious of everything lately, AND they really know how to draw things out! We started working on the paper work in January when we put in the offer and everything wasn’t finalized until Monday, and we still didn’t get the final information for closing until Wednesday, so my being super organized, and  prepared has been a real struggle for me.


Other than the loan process, I loved house hunting! I felt like a super creeper for like 2 or 3 weeks walking around in people’s houses and judging them, or stalking them on-line, or doing neighborhood drive-bys! I think in total we looked at like 18 or 19 houses in person and were able to eliminate a lot of our original search on line or by driving past the homes, based on the area or where it was in relation to work, etc. I know we found the perfect place. Its in a great neighborhood, close to the interstate, less that 10 minutes to work for both of us, AND it has an awesome kitchen, which David and I are really looking forward to ( and no thats not our stuff, obviously!)


Apartment kitchens are … THE WORST! Im looking forward to us being able to leave our traveler lifestyle behind. I feel like I have been partially living out of a suitcase for the past year between traveling back and forth between Lexington and Augusta to visit, and back and forth between our apartments on the opposite sides of town. It will be nice to put some roots down and finally unpack those bags for good! I can’t wait to share everything with you guys as we work on making this place our home! And the work starts this afternoon, both our parents are coming into town for a work weekend of painting and cleaning to prep for the big move NEXT weekend! YAHOOOO! I can’t wait until we can move into our new home!!!!