WATCH out!

I’m not late on the trend or anything, I have been wearing my ginormous watch for over a year now, but I am starting to get the itch to shop around for a new one. I know even if I did, I would still revert back to my beloved Michael Kors on the reg. but I LOVE looking at other watches, and I think there are so many cute options out there, I am kind of starting to think that watches are almost like nail polish, you can never REALLY have too many!! And they can be sassy or classy, dress your outfit up, or down, and if you have a bajillion of them, like I do nail polish colors, you can change them to suit your flavor of the week!

I was inspired to write this post when I was perusing pinterest, obviously, and I came across the cutest coral Kate Spade watch, it would be so perfect for that casual summer look, cute shorts and a flowy top or a little sun dress, so then watches were on my radar, and now I want like 10 different ones, hence this post! But, isn’t this SOOO cute?!

Like I mentioned in my arm candy post a few weeks ago, I am loving that casual wrapped look right now, and I really like these wrapped watches. I love that they give a little more texture to the typical watch, I just think these are super fun! Keepin it Casual!

This next one, I don’t THINK is a wrap watch, but who knows… and who cares its SO fab, I love all the different colors, textures, and materials. I like that its not the typical wrap style watch so it has a little something extra going on, and what girl doesn’t love that?

Also, this MK watch is ballin out of control! I love the contrast between the tiny, clean leather band, and the ginormous face, it just makes a statement with out being flashy or too much, which is always a good thing, because sometimes you just need something a little more toned down, but still just as fabulous.

If you’re lookin for something a liiiiittle more classy, I think this chainlink michael kors watch is perfect. I like that it mimics his other huge chain link accessories this year, and that the pattern doesn’t break for the round watch face, so it kind of just looks like the chain, but upon closer inspection, its a stylin watch. Soooo who wants to buy this one for me?

I also think every girl needs a tortoise shell watch and this one from guess is super cute. I have a cheap one I bought a while back, and its KIND of falling apart, but for the $16 I spent on it, I was happy with it while it lasted, maybe its time to replace that little gem with this one!

Finally, I have kind of been on the hunt for a white or cream watch to wear with all the white I get to wear as a bride-to-be in the coming months, and I am literally head over heels for this Anne Klein watch with a white ceramic band and rose gold face. So perfect… and bridal and lovely! I need this!



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