Movement Mondays- Roses

Ok, two things about this number. 1) Although I love the insanity of watching Abby Miller on the reg on Lifetime, I miss the dance part of dance moms, aka I miss Starz Dance Company in Miami, soooo I kind of home dance moms Miami wasn’t a lost cause, because I really enjoyed their choreography, WHICH is why I was probably SO ecstatic to see this pop up on my youtube channel earlier this week, because its really top notch, and they are in it.  AND 2) I have been really into instrumentals lately. I feel like they make you dig deeper when you’re working with movement. I think sometimes song lyrics, while they can be really deep, and helpful, and whatever, can also kind of hinder the creativity because the words really tell the audience what to think and feel, and you, as a dancer are just a visual display of a story that has already been written. But those instrumentals allow you the opportunity to explore so many other avenues, and you can highlight the melody, or harmony, or whatever you want in the movement. So SO much more rewarding, and awesome when you come up with something you actually love. And I actually really love this. I also really appreciate that it was their production number for competition and it wasn’t a broadway musical number or a hip hop number because I feel like they always are (not that those genres aren’t fun, but its nice to see a real dance of massive proportions sometimes) There is just something about a heard of good movers working in a common space that is so awesome. GAH! I’m in love all over again! Enjoy!!!! And Happy Movement Mondays, dance lovers!


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