Broccoli Cheddar Soup

This past week I came down with the crud, I woke up Wednesday morning feeling a little fuzzy, by Thursday I had developed a cough and runny nose and by friday morning I was sitting in urgent care being diagnosed with a “gnarly ear infection”… mmmmk. So, needless to say between wanting to only sleep, taking tons of meds, and coughing up my lungs all the time, I wasn’t much for whole foods, or eating in general. So, Friday night, David did me a solid and let me make homemade broccoli and cheddar soup. It was rather nice of him considering that he does not think that soup constitutes a proper meal, but I knew I could get him with this one! My little sister gave me this recipe, she use to make this all the time when we were living at home, my mom and I loved it! So, I made sure to grab this one for myself when we were all trading recipes one day! Quiet delicious, and even more so if you serve it in a bread bowl! BUUUUT in my pre-wedding life and my illness, I did not find it necessary to carb-load (a first for me!).


David loves soup, can’t you tell?!?

-2 tbsp of butter
– 1 yellow onion chopped
– 4 cups of cheddar cheese
– 3 garlic cloves chopped
– 1 tsp crushed red pepper
– 1 cup heavy cream
– 2 tbsp. flour
– 1 qt chicken broth
– salt and pepper to taste


1. melt butter in a pan, add red pepper, garlic, salt and pepper, and brown with onions.


2. add the flour and reduce the heat


3. wisk in chicken broth and half & half, and bring to a simmer


4. cook for 10-15 minutes to thicken, while you are doing this, cook the broccoli in a separate pot.


5. turn heat off and then slowly mix in cheese. Once all the cheese is melted into the liquid, then slowly stir in the broccoli, let cool 5 minutes to set, then serve!


We served ours with french baguette…. ok ok ok! I had my carbs, you know I cant resist, but I was sick, so I get an out right!?!


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