YIPPEE! I have been bursting at the SEAMS to write this post for almost two months now, but we can finally say that we closed on our first house yesterday! I still cant believe we own a home and I SERIOUSLY can’t tell you how relieved I am to have this whole process over with! I am sure some of you are kind of shocked because we have been keeping this whole thing on the down-low. We have been really apprehensive to share anything, just in case things went awry. We started looking in January and put in a offer on this house right before we left for our Disney trip with David’s family, so the whole thing has been looming for like 2.5 months! It’s been killing me because all I have wanted to do is post really really fun idea boards and craft projects etc! So look forward to that in the coming months!  BUUUUT!!!! Here is our little house! I am pretty much obsessed with it, its kind of ridiculous and we still can’t believe its ours!!!!!


If I am being honest about the whole home buying process, its been really stresfful. I mean the money part of it is kind of stressful, but we made sure to talk about all our options and discuss everything money related before hand, but its the complete lack of control we had in the process that i absolutely hated. Other that putting in the offer, we felt pretty helpless and useless during the whole loan underwriting process and it seemed like every move we made was being looked at under a microscope. Like if I thought about going to the bank and withdrawing money, they were probably going to call me to ask me what I was doing and why, or at least thats what I felt like. So I have had to be super conscious of everything lately, AND they really know how to draw things out! We started working on the paper work in January when we put in the offer and everything wasn’t finalized until Monday, and we still didn’t get the final information for closing until Wednesday, so my being super organized, and  prepared has been a real struggle for me.


Other than the loan process, I loved house hunting! I felt like a super creeper for like 2 or 3 weeks walking around in people’s houses and judging them, or stalking them on-line, or doing neighborhood drive-bys! I think in total we looked at like 18 or 19 houses in person and were able to eliminate a lot of our original search on line or by driving past the homes, based on the area or where it was in relation to work, etc. I know we found the perfect place. Its in a great neighborhood, close to the interstate, less that 10 minutes to work for both of us, AND it has an awesome kitchen, which David and I are really looking forward to ( and no thats not our stuff, obviously!)


Apartment kitchens are … THE WORST! Im looking forward to us being able to leave our traveler lifestyle behind. I feel like I have been partially living out of a suitcase for the past year between traveling back and forth between Lexington and Augusta to visit, and back and forth between our apartments on the opposite sides of town. It will be nice to put some roots down and finally unpack those bags for good! I can’t wait to share everything with you guys as we work on making this place our home! And the work starts this afternoon, both our parents are coming into town for a work weekend of painting and cleaning to prep for the big move NEXT weekend! YAHOOOO! I can’t wait until we can move into our new home!!!!

2 thoughts on “WE DID IIIIIIT!!!!!

  1. It’s wonderful and I can’t wait to see it for myself…..did your Mom and Dad give you the Housewarming gift I send???? LOL

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