Spring Cleaning…. Or Something

This weekend we spent the ENTIRE weekend prepping our new house to move in next weekend. It was so exciting to finally get inside the house and put in a little time and elbow grease making it our own. We cleaned the house from top to bottom. It was kind of like… spring cleaning … although, I dont know that you can call it spring cleaning if you are cleaning up after someone else… but, nonetheless we gave our new house the deep clean it needed for our big move next weekend.


I am talking carpets, windows, baseboards, floors, pressure washing, the whole 9 yards. We even got some freshening up done with painting (3 rooms to be exact, plus the ceilings and baseboards in those rooms!)


We still have lots of little projects, but it feels good to get our own stamp on the place, and make sure its all nice and clean for us to bring all our stuff in! I just hope no one bumps the walls, because… David’s Dad will not be happy! He was a beast with a paint brush! Between him, my Dad and David, we probably could have painted every room if we had another day and a half… and some younger bones and muscles, I think right now were all about to DIE!


It was so much fun spending the weekend with everyone getting the house ready! We had so many visitors. My parents and David’s parents were there for the whole weekend, and we got these GORGEOUS hydrangeas.


I am hoping they don’t die on me, and I can pot them once we get into the house!!! I mean, these are so great, how could I not try to make them last forever?! and then throughout the day on Saturday my aunt and sister stopped by, and David’s brother and his wife came up and helped us knock out a few of the huge projects. We’re so lucky to have such great families that are willing to pitch in and help out with everything. AND they know us so well, because my aunt brought David and I this yummy red velvet cake! Which was great for when we needed that little energy boost during the weekend.


Despite the fact that we worked most of the weekend we still managed to squeeze in some of our family fun. We took a shopping trip to Garden Ridge (this awesome home accessories store in Charlotte) and picked out our new area rug for the den, new throw pillows, and some other accent pieces… and grabbed a few things for the wedding 🙂


The guys also got to spend some time at Bass Pro, since they weren’t into the home decor shopping trip. Saturday night we also made s’mores and just hung out by our fire pit in the back yard, which was fun, definitely a great way to unwind after working all day.



AND I managed to get a HUGE craft project completed for the master bedroom, but you will have to wait to see that one!


I’m so excited for you to see it, I think everyone, myself included, was a little apprehensive about the outcome, but everything turned out masterfully, and now I have one more skill to add to my list. Never a bad thing! EEEEk I can’t wait to show you guys everything we have been working on, and share our new home with you over the next few weeks! Lots of exciting things coming up!!!!!!! I just hope we remember to take time to stop and savor the moments, so many great ones happening around us! IMG_2990


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