Be Our Guest

Even though David and I entertained a multitude of guests in the first two weekends of home ownership, and even hosted our first over night guests in our home last weekend, since my parents came up to help with the move, I am still really excited about working on our guest bedroom. I think this is primarily because I know I can do something a LITLLE more funky in there than I would in a room that we spend a lot of time in. Despite the fact that David might not be into the kind of mod/funky style I am going for in there… I hope and think that he will like the final product. I have my visual point of reference on Pinterest, obviously, and I have the bed spread already selected and fulfilled on my registry ( loooong  story, but I definitely ruined my Mom’s surprise, can’t wait to get it at one of our showers!!) Anywho, heres kind of an idea for what we might be going for… and by we I mean… ME!

1. During our work weekend we went ahead and painted the room a nice neutral gray, so we have a good blank canvas, that isn’t super boring, which we like. I also feel like it makes the white trim and moldings really pop right off the wall.

2. I am kind of interested in having some cool sconces in one of our rooms, so I am thinking something like this would be a cool addition to the decor, but I am not sure about the gold up against the gray, it might just be a trial and error kind of thing.

3. I am really into weird accents, like I said, so I want to do some pops of white ( I know you normally say pops of color) but the color pallet in this room allows us to do pops of white, so I really like this little elephant accent piece!

4. Again with the white, I think I am going to do a white table lamp, I am also thinking of doing a little craft project on the existing floor lamp so I will have to keep you posted about that one. It has potential to be really really awesome or really really disastrous.

5. This is the bedspread surprise I ruined… soooo SURPRISE! This is what we are using in our guest bedroom.

6. Again with the white… Davids existing bedroom set we put in there is all black so I promise it will be balanced out. Not too much white. But I love the vases and I hear they have them at Homegoods, so I might go snoop those out because a little collection of them would be nice on tall dresser that sits opposite the bed.

7. Speaking of funky! I really want to have one of these in the room, I have mentioned it in passing to David but he isn’t quite on the train to funky town. But I think this would just add a little bit of artsy-ness?? haha! Im not really sure what to call it, I mean I dont want it to be a functional light, its more for looking, not for using!

8. So, like I said, the furniture is black and we need some bed side tables in that room, right now we have one of those $10 IKEA tables that you screw the legs on to, which is fine, I have one in the master too, but just beware, the hunt is on to replace these tables (in both rooms)!

9. And, I am always a big supporter of a cool over the bed focal point, and I feel like this one is AWESOOOOME, and it will help our guests know when it is time to GET OUT! Just kidding , just kidding, stay as long as you like. But, I do think its a cool statement piece and focal point for the room.

So, anyways, thats where the guest bedroom is headed! We’re not really on any type of timeline, just as the things come in through shower gifts or gift cards, or savings…once ours feels less tired from the downpayment. So, I’ll keep you posted on the progression, but at least you know the vision!


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