Headboard Reborn

First new house project! Wahoo! I am sure you all remember this little gem from my old apartment…


Well, since my Dad helped me to make it before I moved out last year I really wasn’t ready to give it up when David and I bought the new house and I was trying to transition into my new love for gender neutral design. And, in case you haven’t noticed…. the teal and orange really wasn’t going to cut it. So, after we decided on our somewhat neutral color palette it was time to decide the course of action. I had previously decided that the little lattice pieces were to be no more, and David was strangely sad about this, apparently he had grown rather fond of those decorative pieces of PVC cutouts. Oh well! So, I decided the best course of action was to make something more… plush to go inside the little squares, so I decided to make upholstered inserts. Once we decided on a wall color, the decision was made to keep the headboard in the same color family so we went about 4 shades darker, and decided to use that for the headboard color. I also spent an obscene amount of time with my mom, aunt, and future sister in law debating over the many fabric options at a store that was having a 50% off sale on their entire stock of merchandise.

IMG_3028    IMG_3031   IMG_3032

WIN. After looking at what seemed like a bajillion different options and holding up paint swatches and pillows in the store, and texting pictures home to David, we finally decided on this one.


I was actually surprised that David liked it, but even more surprised he liked it when I got home and he realized the pattern on it was raised of the fabric. What can I say? I have pretty impeccable taste. OR I am just really good at reading David’s mind. Either way, snaps to me. So once we had all the parts and pieces we got to work, I had to scrape the little lattice pieces out of the centers because they were super glued inside, but luckily, we were planning to cover the squares anyways so any mishaps of the process were going to be covered.


Once we got those removed it was time for a few coats of KILZ to cover up the teal, which was a much harder task that I could have imagined. It seemed to be a pretty… potent color.


Once we got it all covered we did a rough sand and then began applying the final color, I think we used 2 or 3 coats of this, just to make sure we got all the nooks and crannies covered and that everything was evenly covered. Once we got it painted we let it dry for about 24 hours before we moved on with everything else. Once everything dried, we moved on to making the inserts.


For those we used thing boards trimmed fit inside the squares, I think we made it about 1/4 inch smaller so that once the badding and fabric were trapped onto the board, it would fit snugly inside. We also used thick foam inserts to make them a little more plush, so we started out by attaching the foam to the boards with liquid nails (probably not the best method, but we didn’t plan for this part, so we had to work with what we had, improvisation is the name of the game!) We let those sit for about 3o – 45 minutes and then came back  to wrap them with the badding and fabric.


Once the fabric was laid out face down I pulled the edges up and around the back of the board and david stapled them down. We did the two short edges first, then the corners, then the long edges.


To make the corners, you need to tuck the fabric down, like you’re wrapping a present, then trim off the extra, and pull the bottom flap up to the back of the board and fasten into place.


Once all the corners are done, fasten the long edges, and then trim off the excess fabric. Then we put liquid nails into all of the insert holes and placed the padded boards inside.


Once we got this done we let them site for 30-45 minutes to dry, and then we applied a quick spray of scotch guard to it.

Then we had it all ready to hang on the wall in our bedroom. The hardest thing about this headboard is that its more of a… floating design so it kind of has to be rigged up on the wall. But, we left that project for my Dad and once he got it up there, I put my touch on it by re allocating some throw pillows from the den in my apartment to the master bed, and viola! Our quaint and relaxing master suite is underway!



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