Wedding Planning Snapshot

I almost can’t even believe I am saying this, but were almost 4 months away from the wedding. We have been in total house mode for the last few months which hasn’t given us much time to nail down the specifics for the wedding, but it has given us lots of time to look back and our engagement so far, which has been so great, and is bound to get even better over the next few months as we head into wedding season, full of parties, showers, and lots of planning trips! So here is a snapshot of our 8 months of engagement through the eyes of instagram!




So much love in my mailbox!!! (lots of congrats cards from friends and family!)


Lunch time toast with Nana!


wedding planning! #overwhelmed


Adding all the important dates to my new Lilly planner, which now includes my wedding year!!


Yay productive wedding planning with the MOH! (Bridesmaids dress attempt 1)


Sunday Funday with the Fiancé. (making our save the date video!)




Cake tasting! So many baby cupcakes we had to get a to-go box!!!!


8 Months to go!!!!!!!!!


Woot!! Done addressing save the dates! Now to stuff and stamp. Merh. Maybe some other time.


Just got our personalized engagement pic/ guest book for our wedding from our ballin’ photographer @lawrenecekent yippeeeeeee wedding things!!!!


How David feels about picking out curtains for our registry. hahahahaha!


Love going into Charleston Street and seeing our place setting out! I’m still just as in love with it as I was the day we picked it out! ::swoon::


Basically we’re married.


5 Months to go!


Yippeeeee! Wedding Season is upon us. Less than 5 months to go!


Busy little bee. Who needs weekends? #notthisgirl


Wedding logo “stamps” courtesy of our friend Brad wooohooo!


Wedding crafting!!


Just call me the prop master because this photobooth is about to be out of control! #isitaugust10thyet #glitterprops

Are you getting excited!?!? I am. Things are getting really…. REAL! I have scheduled my bridal portraits and dress fittings, the bridesmaids dresses arrived at the shop yesterday, the rehearsal dinner has been planned, the cake has been tasted, and now we just need to tie down all the loose ends, finish planing the ceremony and get all the specifics ironed out with the reception (the part I am most excited for!!!) ANNNND Shower season is rapidly approaching, which will give me lots of fun themed events to blog about! Hope you guys don’t mind my blushing bride syndrome! Its getting intense, but I will try to keep changing things up here! As they say “Variety is the spice of life!” 


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