Movement Mondays – Heart Asks Pleasure First

So great! I wants to choreograph something like this so I can learn it and love it as much as I loved watching this? I was really into how gutteral it was at parts. I think its my modern upbringing that makes me go weak at the knees every time I hear a dancer give a huge exhale when they go into a contraction.  Its like they are just flushing out all the bad and everything that stops you from giving it your all. I love. And as always I love all the stretching and leggy things, probably because I am not a super leggy dancer, but I have always admired those who were. Anywho, enjoy this flowy piece of wonderfulness to get your week off to a good start 🙂

Choreographer Lindsay Nelko – Represented by MSA Agency
Featuring my incredible assistants – Aimee Otte & Kristin Daniel
Music: Hearts Ask Pleasure First by Ahn Trio


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