Hey, Macklemore! Can we go thrift shopping?

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. I did go thrift shopping this weekend, but I have to admit.. I had a little more than $20 in my pocket… because we had to pay $10 a pop just to get in the gate! Remember last year when I posted about the Metrolina Expo? Well, this past weekend was their HUGE semiannual show, I’m talking thrifting for days, everything you could imagine.


My aunt and I were there for over 4 hours and we still didn’t manage to see everything! It was crazy…. crazy awesome! I managed to score some really great finds, and, as always had so much fun looking at all the stuff people bring there to try and sell. Lots of cool finds, and most of the time pretty good prices, unless the people have already redone the furniture…. which is sometimes depressing, mostly because if I like the piece but hate the refurb, I’m not going to buy it because they upcharge them for all the work they put in. LAME SAUCE. So I try to steer clear of things I can’t put my own stamp on and strive for the deals and steals. Here’s a quick look at my loot.


I have to say my “find of the day” was the pair of lamps. I mean the guy was basically giving them away at $25 for the pair… which makes them $12.50 a piece. I’m sorry, you just don’t get lamps like that for $12. So I am trying to figure out how I want to schnaz them up for the guest bedroom. I also grabbed this large white bucket and the crate while we will there, they will be making an appearance at the wedding. So, guests, keep your eye out! Then, I also grabbed these empty frames for $8 a pop, because you can never have too many empty frames for whatever craft needs arise. AND my old chalk board from my apartment is in dire needs of being redone and I have a lot of spare wood from making the inserts for my new headboard the other week, so I see a project in David’s future. I did splurge a bit on the necklace but I was needing a little pop of color for a dress I bought to wear to a shower in a few weeks and this one caught my eye. I  also snagged this great old fly rod for David to hang in the man cave, it was my big purchase of the day at about 40 bucks, but it will look really great in the man cave!


Like I said, these places had a little bit of everything. I kept telling my aunt how overwhelmed I was, and I think it was because I went in looking for anything and everything I could find for the house, and a few odds and ends for the wedding. It was like I didn’t want to miss a single thing and everything I saw looked like a craft project waiting to happen….well except this…


Which made me kind of sad, like, is this a wedding dress?? If it is, why is it at this huge thrift sale in the middle of a field in Charlotte?? I hope that my wedding dress means enough to me, even years after my wedding, that it never sees a fate like this. It was just kind of sad to see it flapping in the wind alone . I have to say that the closer you go to the epicenter of the place, the more random the stuff became, this started to look like the goodwill threw up all over it and it was less really cool decor pieces and more clothes and plates, and CRAP. So about half way through the day we started having to sift through the crap to get to all the good stuff.


But I did manage to find these, which I was really pumped about! I couldn’t find anyone to ask how much they were, there was a $25 price tag on the tray, but I couldn’t imagine that they whole tray including the letters was $25 but maybe it was.  I almost had words with these two ladies that were like “oooh these metal stamps are great, they would never get messed up” and the blood of my inner print nerd started to boil. I just wanted to shout THIS IS MOVEABLE TYPE… LIKE FROM A PRINTING PRESS, NOT A STAMP FOR YOUR LITTLE GRANNY SCRAPBOOKS. But instead I just cast a “bless your heart” look their way, and walked off.

IMG_3312My aunt was on the hunt for a painter she had run into at this shindig a few years back. She has been trying to find the perfect picture for her kitchen, because it just has a huge blank wall behind the table, and she remember he had this cityscapes she really liked. Wellll, after looking all day, we finally found him and considered the day a huge success when she snagged TWO huge paintings from him in hand made frames. He had lots of really cool stuff, not necessarily my style, but definitely really cool. He even let her pick from any of the frames that we out, even if they already had a painting in them, so she would be completely happy with what she picked, he was awesome! Both her paintings were similar to the one below, but its my favorite because I think the red frame just really makes it POP! 


At the end of the day, it was probably best that we stopped after 4 hours because I had spent my self-alotted amount of money and pretty much filled up the car, because we both had some pretty big bulky things. We even had to make a trip to the car halfway through the day avoid having to carry a ton of crap around! All in all, I would say it was a successful weekend and I am really excited about going next month with David’s mom, she is on the hunt for some things for the rehearsal dinner, and its always fun to go with someone who hasn’t been before!





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