Looking glass, looking glass what do you see?

When I picked out the…muse for our master bedroom at the new house one of the key components was the mercury glass lamps on the bed side tables. I have been oogling all different kinds of mercury glass lamps for a while, from pottery barn, west elm, and a few other places, and I just couldnt justify spending a few hundred bucks on a light for the bedroom, so I took to the internet to see what kind of solution I could come up with. I remembered seeing several pins about making your own mercury glass and since I already had that looking glass mirror spray I figured it would be pretty easy.

Once I found my tutorial the next step was to find the perfect cheap glass lamps to deface. last year I did a post about tinting my glass lamp in my bedroom and I made it orange. Well, Since it was only covered with mod podge and food color, David’s contribution to this project was to use nail polish remover and hot water to return the lamp to its original clear glory.


It took a little elbow grease but he was able to get all the orange off. Then, I was on the hunt for lamp #2. I was determined to have matching lamps from IKEA and went to pick up another of these $22 glass lamps, but they were all sold out and on back order. Glass is clearly all the rage. So, I decided to pick up a smaller version and if I absolutely hated the size proportions, then I could use that lamp somewhere else and keep looking or wait until the larger ones were back in stock. Then on the way out of IKEA, as always we stopped by the AS-IS bin to see what we could score. It was definitely a win! I got this awesome lamp for 50% off and it was GORGEOUS! and I love it.


See! So pretty! So, all you need for this little craft project is some Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint (I got mine at Wal Mart, I always have trouble finding it at Michael’s) and a mixture of water and vinegar. Spray a light even coat of the spray paint on each lamp base (you will probably have to do a few layers) But after each layer you want to flick a little bit of the water mixture on the paint, it dries pretty quickly so anything longer than 5 minutes really starts to diminish the effect (known from personal experience)


The picture above is my lamp with several layers of paint on it. After the first few layers it was almost completely see-through with the light on, so that didnt work. once you splatter the water all over the lamp, use a damp rag to dab it off. DO NOT RUB, just dab up the water.


This will start to remove the finish. If you are having issues with the paint coming up, try adding more of the vinegar because the acidity is what eats through the paint. You want to repeat this process for every layer of pain that you do, I did about 4 or 5. I was pretty satisfied with the outcome, however after purchasing a few other mercury glass bits and pieces for the room, I think I really would have liked it a lot more if I did a light layer of gold underneath, since most mercury glass pieces seem to have a gold undertone. I am probably going to strip it down and try again with the gold, so I will keep you posted on the results! But here is how they look in the room for now!



4 thoughts on “Looking glass, looking glass what do you see?

  1. These look amazing! Do you think this spray paint would have similar results on other metals, or only glass? I just dumpster dived a lamp and would love to make the base a metallic, mirror finish!

    • I actually think it might be similar. The pain said for best results to apply the paint to the inside of the glass, but one of my lamps was closed in on the bottom and I couldn’t figure out how to removed the electrical element from the top, so to avoid two different looks I actually sprayed the paint on the outside. I think its definitely worth a shot! And, if it doesn’t work, another can of spray paint will fix it right up. But I definitely like the look of the looking glass spray in comparison to other metallic spray paints I have used before. Good luck with your project! I would love to know how it turns out!

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