Wedding Shower Weekend

This weekend we ha dour first wedding shower in Augusta! It was so much fun to see lots of people from home, and to celebrate such a monumental life event with all the people who have had a hand in shaping my life. This shower was thrown by the wives in my parents supper club group from church. I was excited to be able to share the day with all of them, and appreciate all their hard work in preparing for the day, especially Ms. Jane for making those delicious shrimp and grits and few other dishes, even though she wouldn’t be able to be there because her daughter was trying out for Rallycats at Clemson (which she made, WOOT!)


Me with all the hostesses (minus Jane!)

The shower so awesome! We had a brunch, because breakfast is only the most awesome meal of the day!!! They served lots of deliciousness, like shrimp and grits, quiche, fruit salad, petit fours, and lots of other deliciously wonderful pastries!


Everything was also decorated to a T! It was so cute!!! And it was fun to be “queen for the day!!” Is that ever not fun!? The answer is no. I also loved how they made everything really personalized, so I had monogrammed petit fours, and mimosa cups!


And who doesn’t love a monogram!? Although it was weird to see my married monogram slapped all over everything haha, I haven’t really used it for much of anything yet! But, like I said, the decor was great. They were able to set everything up in the same room so we could all sit together, and all the centerpieces were so well put together, plus we all know I love to decorate.


We got lots of fun gifts, including this really awesome monogrammed serving tray. David was sad he keeps getting excluded haha! He said “why can’t they just put an ‘S’ on everything why does it have to be all about you!?” But… lets be honest, when is David ever going to use a monogrammed serving tray? Never. Alright, moving on!


We got lots of awesomely useful things for our new house, curtains, a comforter set, some plates, kitchen things, yard tools, decorator items, sheets, pillows, a little bit of everything. I have to say, we had pretty good timing with the new house and the wedding! I can’t wait to get everything unpacked and washed and be able to use it all! Speaking of packed…. we had Rhonda the honda loaded down with stuff on the way home, we probably looked like the rednecks come to town, but at least we were able to get it all in the car! 
IMG_3437All in all it was a great weekend, and an awesome first event! I am so excited to start doing less stressful wedding things, like going to showers and parties, because sitting around making spread sheets and t0-do lists is stressing. me. out. So its nice to have a little break!






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