Golden Anniversary

This past weekend we spent time with my grandparents celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary!!! I feel like this is an awesome accomplishment, especially this day in time, and an amazing testament to their love and loyalty. I feel like David and I have been really fortunate to witness their relationship, and their celebration of 50 years together.

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 8.48.59 PM

They started dating when they were 16, so they said their marriage has been a testament that young love lasts, but I think its more than that. They are both extremely understanding, caring, honest, and loyal. All things that I think are key in any relationship, but especially a marriage. This weekend she told David and I her little pearl of wisdom to share with us before our wedding, while relatively simple and a little cliche, was to never go to bed angry. The underlying context being to not hold grudges, be good at communicating, and to not let the little things get you down, and of course, don’t take life to seriously. The party was so great and a wonderful opportunity for them to celebrate with family and friends! And, of course another fun event for us to plan! The guys were in charge of making all the bar-b-que, the cooked a whole hog and several chickens for the 60+ guests, and the ladies were in charge of all the coordinating and decorating, you know all the fun stuff!


My mom, aunts, sister and I tagged teamed to make these cute centerpieces happen. We hit up an awesome fabric shop in Huntersville on weekend to get the burlap. And then my aunt got the cute little lanterns and candles on sale somewhere, Rachel and I went on a fun little adventure to collect lots of greenery and flowers and we managed to pull it together. Buuuut what I really want to focus on is my little adventure with my sister. The flowers and leaves weren’t originally part of the decor but we decided the tables looked a little bare and my aunt had these magnolia trees in her yard so we went and collected some free greenery and purchased the flowers. However, nothing related to yard work has ever been simple with my sister and me, so… since words won’t do it justice, I will just let you watch what happened.

Yeah, struggles. So once we got those leaves all taken care of we were also able to set up all the cute little centerpieces and these centerpieces on the head table!

I also loved all the little things that they had, like old pictures of my grandparents, their wedding album, love letters they had written to each other while my grandmother was in college, and some other fun little pieces my aunt was able to find on our last adventure at the metrolina! (ps. I have another one of those coming up with David’s mom this weekend to hunt for things for the rehearsal dinner, so stay tuned!)

My favorite piece was the fact that my grandmother pulled out her wedding dress and we were actually able to display it at the party! I thought that was such a cool dress, and I couldn’t believe how well it held up considering it wasn’t all “preserved” and such. But it was still really cool to be able to see it and touch it and look at it!



And, of course we had to have the cake, and my mom and her brother and sister got them a nice little serving set, just like a wedding! Woot! So we got to watch them all cut the cake, but unfortunately there was not cake stuffing… but no promises for following that model behavior in august 😉



It was a great weekend, and so wonderful to be able to commemorate such an awesome event in my grandparents lives with them! You could tell they were so excited to be surrounded by all their family and friends to celebrate and I felt like it was such an awesome reminder about what marriage is all about only a few months before David and I say “I-do”. We have actually been extremely fortunate to be able to celebrate a few big anniversaries in our family around our wedding, this 50th with my grandparents, my parents 25th last summer, and David’s parents 30th! All such awesome inspirations for us as we begin our lives together. We are so lucky to have all of them!


One thought on “Golden Anniversary

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing, I love them both too lloks like it was a great time for the family…Poppa and I would have celebrated ou 50th o the 6th of April… its wonerful that our families have so much in common and most of all love each other….LOL Nana

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