Work Weekend Update

This past weekend we had off from traveling for wedding and family affairs, but no rest for the weary!!! We had lots of work to get done around the house, our first house guest, our college friend Matt, came so he and David could go to the Wells Fargo Championship on Sunday, and David parent’s came up for a day trip on Saturday to help our with some painting, to take some unruly hostas off our hands, and to get some wedding/rehearsal dinner things crossed off our to-do list! So, things were pretty jam packed. While David and his Dad put in a little elbow grease at the house, his mom and I were off to the Metrolina Expo for the monthly marketplace event, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite things, and I WILL get David out there with me one day, because I think it would be fuuuuun, but he has a different opinion, haha!


There weren’t as many people there as last month when they had the big “semi annual extravaganza” but that doesn’t upset me, it wasn’t as stressful and I felt like we could take our time and just kind of wander, last time I felt like I was so overwhelmed with stuff I could barely function. We found lots of good stuff, David’s mom tons of jars and vases for the rehearsal dinner, which is what she was on the hunt for all day, and I got a card basket for the reception, as well as a galvanized tub we have to have with sand in it for the sparklers at the reception (fire marshall rules!!!) and then a some cute little mercury glass vases for our bedroom for like $6 a piece, holler! And then an orange scarf because I couldn’t resist and some metal letters for an upcoming craft project (but more on that later, ya know, after i complete it!)

While David’s mom and I were making our design dreams a reality, David was dealing with what has become known as the “hosta situation” around our house. One weekend we went home to visit my parents before we left there were no plants or shrubs around the deck, and we came back the beginnings of a JUNGLE had sprouted out of the ground, and in just a few short weeks, the hostas have grown half way up the deck railing, this picture isnt even the most recent.


they are probably like over two feet tall now, its absurd. People think we are joking about how many there are and how HUGE they are but its RIDICULOUS. they are planted way too close together, way too close to the deck and there are just… way too many! Even David’s parents we’re kind of shocked. So, needless to say after David spent several hours digging them up yesterday and bagging them up for his mom to take home, we still have over half of them left. We might transplant them to the edge of our yard where there is a big drop off, as kind of an edge. But once we got them all in David’s parent’s car, we weren’t at all sad to say “hosta luego” to them!
Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 11.09.42 AM

While David played Mr. Landscaper, his dad was finishing the baseboards and edging in the master and guest bedroom, Im so glad we have had him to help with all the painting because if it were up to David and I, we might have had paint all over the floors and ceilings, for sure! In addition to David’s parents being here Saturday his friend Matt came into town, and we cooked a little Cinco De Mayo dinner and made some delicious margaritas per my Dad’s highly sought after recipe! Still not spilling the beans!!!




It was so great to have a weekend and home and not have to run up and down the interstate all over the two-state. And I loved being able to catch up on blogging, clean a little, and get some laundry and grocery shopping done, house-wife statuuuuus! Next weekend its back on the road for me, for my second bridal shower, and David will be entertaining some more house guests (his brother, nephew, and maybe my Dad!)


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