3 Months and Counting!

Our wedding is less than 3 months away and things are really starting to pick up with making final plans, attending showers, going to fittings, etc etc etc. And trying to remember all the legalities like getting a marriage license, obtaining new passports or loacting our old ones,  and trying to figure out how to become my new alter ego “Mrs. Stokes”, after the wedding. This weekend was also my second bridal shower. We traveled up to my Mom’s hometown to celebrate with some of my extended family, and my grandmother’s close friends/ friends of the family. My two aunts planned and coordinated the shower and they did an awesome job!


Wedding Shower Serving Table.

All the food was homemade and delicious! There were cheese straws, brie cheese, sandwich rolls, veggie trays, spinach dip, fruit trays, petit fores, and butter mints, and lots of other tasty treats! If you ever need an appetizer menu for a party, my family can hook you up, because we love some tasty appetizers! I was so blessed to spend the day with all my family celebrating at the shower!


Mom, Me, Mimi (my mom’s mom), My sister (The MOH!)

She was so sweet and played hosetess all weekend and even had a fun little pre-shower bunch on Saturday morning, which was also really tasty, because apart from appetizers, my family also loves breakfast, if you haven’t noticed a trend here….. my first bridal shower was a brunch! My grandma literally went all out, she had breakfast casserole, fruit, muffins, bagels, a variety of pickled veggies, mimosas, coffee, ya know the whole 9 yards! And she even set a fancy little table! Too cute!


Brunch table settings!

She was a great hostess for my “new family” and my Dad’s mom (my Nana) who all traveled from out of town to celebrate with us! It was definitely a fun girls weekend and I think we all enjoyed a break away from our respective male counterparts, since they all stayed at home!


Me with David’s Mom and Bridget, my future sister-in-law.

We had an awesome weekend, and I love being able to see my family so much, maybe I should get married every year! David and I are so fortunate to have so many people who love and support us and want to help make the beginning of this new chapter in our lives SO special!


Me with both my grandmas!

This weekend we’re off to Lexington for a couples shower and BBQ! I have to admit, I don’t hate all the delicious eats either! We’re having so much fun seeing everyone and celebrating with them I feel like I am going to be kind of sad on August 11 when its all over!!! But until then, party on!


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