A Break-up Letter to Chevron

Hello Chevron,

I wish I could say it’s been a while but it hasn’t. I see you every day, on pinterest, etsy, and facebook, in target, on peoples cell phone and tablet covers, and no doubt this summer I will see you all over beach towels and bathing suits.Chevron, I’m over you and your childish zig-zag pattern, so perfectly spaced and immature. I need something more bold and simple. Like the stripe. OR just another geometric pattern all together. I am increasingly unimpressed by the generics of your mass produced pattern, because, like a stick of big red gum I can find you anywhere. On paper plates, napkins, serving trays, party dresses. stationary, the list goes on and on.


Listen chevron its time for you to  STOP BEING A PATTERN WHORE. The worst part about you, chevron, is that you are like a bad habit I just can’t kick.  I KNOW I see you everywhere and and on everyone, and Im trying to stop, but some things just look SO CUTE with chevron on them, even in my anger I have to admit, you and I have had a pretty good run. I had a blast learning to paint you on canvas for my craft projects, and making your perfectly symmetrical on my stationary designs, and I almost even bought you as a cover for my potentially new iPad wedding gift because you were on super sale, and you were shiny and gold, but your chameleon tricks don’t fool me anymore. You can’t just change your color to become the next big thing, the flavor of the week, it doesn’t work like that, Chevron. And furthermore  why are you always hogging all the monograms, they were cool before you, do you know that? They don’t need your help to enhance their reputation. Your time in the spot light has to come to an end sometime, and I think that time is now. I cannot handle another year of all the up and down, if you get my drift. While I have very much appreciated the vibrancy and playfulness you can bring to everyday life, I have decided its time for me to move on. No more chevron curtain lusting, no more chevron bathing suit cover ups, no more chevron phone covers. NO MORE. Its over, I have moved on. And, I’m perfectly happy with my new patterned love. Chevron, I think its time you meet your replacement.


Greek key, I mean he couldn’t be any more perfect, linear, yet complex, old but new, a bit more mature. He’s everything you could never be for me in my new adult life and home. Thanks for all the good times Chevron, its been real, but I think were finished here.



3 thoughts on “A Break-up Letter to Chevron

  1. LOL< this is hilarious! I love Chevron, but it is such an overplayed bandwagon that everyone has jumped on. I am obsessed with Ikat…maybe check that out 🙂

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