Home Enhancements: Kitchen Edition

I would be lying through my teeth if I said our kitchen was anything other than a VAST improvement from what we had in either of our apartments. Its large enough for people to congregate without crowding the cook, it definitely allows for multiple people to be in the same space cooking, prepping, cleaning, etc. and unlike the kitchen in my apartment we can actually open the fridge or the oven without completely cutting off functionality of the space. David’s apartment kitchen wasn’t AS small as mine, but I think there was definitely a lack of space and its corner location had you feeling claustrophobic with the addition of the smallest cooking utensils, pots and pans, let alone another person. I don’t know if “work in progress” is the right word for our kitchen considering its not really incomplete, we just have a few minor adjustments we want to make to it… over time, and when we have the money and time to make the improvements the way we want them done.

photo (11)

The best “all encompassing shot” of the kitchen I could get

So, I will share a few shots of the kitchen will potential improvement ideas we have in the works. We will start with the sliding glass doors… while I like the access they provide, I am more of a french door kind of girl, so we are hoping to save of enough money to have them installed in the fall of this year or spring of next year

photo (14)

Sorry for the terrible picture, but it was either take a picture at night so you could see my awkward reflection in the glass, or take on in the day so you can’t really see anything around it! But you get the idea!

… especially considering the door handle is broken… and we haven’t replaced it yet. I am all for super gluing the handle, David things we need to replace it. I would rather put that $40 to something we actually want in our home, not something we plan to throw out in the next year so the handle remains broken and that argument ensues.

photo (10)

In our defense the handle was cracked when we moved in soooo, we aren’t completely mutilating the new place!

So while we wait on the doors we did want to create some type of privacy at night, so for now we have these obnoxious floor to ceiling  curtains that are too heavy and make the rod sag. Its not the most decorative and wonderful thing, but it works and gets the job done, and they stay open most of the day, we just like to be able to close up shop at night.

photo (12)

Not the best curtains, but they get the job done! Also, note the bulky size of the table. It looks much smaller than it actually is because of all the open space but trust me, its kind of tight, and you cant push the chairs all the way under it.

I guess our next biggest investment would be a new table. David actually hates this table and says that even a coat of paint on the base wont change his mind, we also think its too bulky for the space. if you center it under the light you’re almost sitting in the doorway and you’re super far away from the wall, were looking for something to really open the space up.  the hunt continues for something else there.

A few cosmetic issues: There are these huge nail things sticking out of the wall that we cant figure out how to remove with out having to patch the walls in some ridiculous manner so i think all that will be fixed when we do the french door install which will also require some patching and repainting of the walls. So, with that being said, were currently looking for something to hang up and cover them.We also want to do a storage installation of sorts on the wall behind the table. But were not spilling the beans on that yet, however we do have big plans in the works that we can’t wait to share, once we nail down all the logistics. There will probably also be some new lighting fixtures to come, we’re not super jazzed about any of the ones currently in the kitchen. We’re thinking track lighting and pendants, but we shall see.

photo (8)

Doesn’t that wall just scream installation?! We think so!

Also, in keeping with installations, we are thinking of installing a back splash but we aren’t sure where. Right now we have just restricted it to the wall with the stove, and we have no idea what we want. We really like the color on the walls in there so I am thinking that will probably stay the same, but we will see as things progress.

photo (7)

Doesn’t that wall just scream for some type of bright accent or focal point?! We say YES!

And, most recently we replaced all our old ugly kitchen hardware. When we looked at the house there were lots of mismatched anthropologie knobs, not that that is our style at all but we were pretty sure we would swap them out. Well they ended up replacing those with the manufacturers knobs, which seemed like a positive improvement until I realized there was a finger sized groove on the back to constantly get your hands stuck in. Needless to say a few pinches and blood blisters later, we have replaced all the kitchen knobs. So, at least we are headed down the right path!

photo (5)

New knobs! Thanks to some input from our friends on instagram!

We will definitely keep you guys up to date as we get these projects done and work to make it our perfect kitchen space for cooking and entertaining! Its probably one  of the rooms I am most excited about! Other than our dining room, which is almost complete and has just kind of fallen into place over the last few weeks, but more on that later!


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