Puppy Chow

I promise I haven’t run off and forgotten about you, I just fell behind on my blogging ahead, life happens, ya know! We spent a few days at my family lake house relaxing for the holiday weekend, and I kind of went off the map, it was great to be disconnected until I came back and realized I hadn’t posted anything in almost a week!!! Good practice for when I disappear sometime near my wedding, which is just 74 (I think!!) days away!! Can you believe it? I can’t. Things are starting to get so crazy. But like I said, we took a little mini vacay, so hopefully we are rejuvenated enough for the final leg of this engagement marathon. And since we were headed to the lake which means lots of eating, drinking, and hanging out, we decided to take a few treats. I had thought about doing some fun little America cake pops with red velvet cake, white icing, and a blue drizzle, but A)those are complicated and there is not enough time in the week and B) My friend Katy came, and she is a Gluten Free fiend (not because shes on some fad diet, but because she is allergic, bummer!) But I like hanging out with her because it means I have to be a bit more creative in the kitchen. I have made a few GF baked good before, but then I started thinking about lake snacks. People dont really want to sit down and eat a piece of cake or pie or something, they want more of a grab and go treat. So we started tossing around the idea of chex mix, and then landed on Puppy Chow! If you have never had puppy chow before, drop what you’re doing and make it! Its so easy, and its always a hit! We made 2 gallon size ziploc bags full and brought NONE home. It was definitely a hit! 


  • 6 cups of rice chex cereal
  • 2 bags of freshly popped popcorn
  • 1/2 cup of butter
  • 1/2 a cup of smooth peanut butter
  • 1 cup of confectioners sugar
  • 1 bag of semi sweet chocolate morseles
  • 2 bags of Reese’s mini cups

photo (15)


After you pop the pop corn equally distribute the base ingredients (popcorn, rice chex, and reese’s cups) into two gallon size zip loc bags – 1 bag of popcorn and reeses cups each, and 3 cups of rice chex.

photo (16)

In a pot on the stove melt the bag of semi sweet chocolate morsels and butter, once they are almost melted, add the peanut butter. Mix well. Once the coating is mixed dump half into each bag. Shake the bag making sure the coat the entire mixture generously, then add a half a cup of confectioners sugar to each bag slowly as you toss, to make sure you get the mixture coated, then let cool and serve! A great pool side snack, but make sure to keep it in the cooler, because it gets melty and messy! 

photo (17)


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