Blinded by the Light




When we bought our house we thought we were getting such a deal by having them throw in the shades so we could save a few hundred bucks by not having to purchase new ones for the entire house. Well, we were young and stupid then. The blinds they had were actually terrible, which we discovered the first time we were outside the house at night, while lights were on inside. Guess what, you could see EV-ERY-THING. I’m talking like, down to what was on the tables.The worst blinds ever. So we decided that as money became available all other projects were pushed to the side and we were only focused on project privacy!  See how these see through blinds are terrible… even from the inside looking out during the day, so I guess its kind of a reverse effect, right?


I mean, we aren’t completely done covering all the windows, but we got the ones taken care of that matter, which would be the windows across the dining room, the half window on the front door, and the BIGGEST WINDOW EVER on the front of our house. We had to go to lowes like 3 times to get that stupid custom blind made, but we pretty much love it!


We decided to go with the Levolor custom fit faux wood 2″ blinds. We really liked the way they look, and with the exception of the custom blind, they were relatively affordable, between $30 and $40 a window. All we had to do was measure the windows from casing to casing and they trimmed them for us right in the store while we waited. We were kind of nervous about hanging them, A) because the walls in the dining room were freshly painted then, and David was mortified to drill into all the hard work and B) Because neither of us have ever hung anything other than a picture on the wall. So needless to say, figuring out the first one was a bit of an adventure, but after we got it up, the rest of them were up in 15-20 minutes! And they look great!


We haven’t outfitted the whole house but its a work in progress, the thing that kills me is the variety of window coverings throughout the house. bamboo shades in some rooms, roman shades in the master and faux wood shades in the guest room… so random. We only have 6 more windows to do, but 3 of them (the ones in the master) We’re not in a rush to get done, because they are on the back of the house, and we don’t mind the shades in there. They kind of keep the windows looking soft since we don’t have curtains there yet. So, thats a bit of what has been going on around the house. We have made a lot of progress on the guest room and the dining room, but still have a few projects and things to get done before we would call them “complete”, but we can’t wait to share them with you!


2 thoughts on “Blinded by the Light

    • So true! I was really put out by it, and sometimes I see people at the store looking at them talking about how great they are and I just want to be like “PLEASE NOOOO! They are sooo cheap and you can see straigh through them!!!!” But I always refrain, per David’s request.

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