Fascinated by Fascinators

Since the Royal Wedding, I feel like the fascinator trend has been all the rage. You see them everywhere, from Royal events to the red carpet, to Easter Sunday at your local church. So, when it came time to pick themes for bridal showers (which is apparently a much bigger deal than I had first assumed, because I always thought you just… had a shower,  this is not the case, party planners like to have a direction) I jokingly said, “hahah the royal wedding shower, lets all wear fascinators” then the more and more I thought about it, the more I was like… actually I do want that and I do want to wear one of those things and pretend like I am someone I am not for an afternoon. So, needless to say, this little shower theme has turned in to a full on obsession. I stalk them all the time on pinterest, etsy, and even google searches, and I think I have even developed a preferential taste for specific types of fascinators, which is so ridiculous because its not like I am going to wear one to work or to my next social outing (well thats not true because my next social outing is my royal wedding shower this weekend, hence this post, but on any other Thursday it would be true!)  But needless to say, I can’t just like the cutesy ones with the flowers or the dainty feathers, OOOOH NO, I like the statement fascinators, the large ones the protrude obnoxiously far from your body and make people turn around and say WHOA! I mean, thats really all I’m after. So, here are a few of my favorites, after weeks and weeks of research, since I decided to make my own fascinator for the shower (which I cannot wait to share pictures of next week, because I know there are a lot of DIY fascinators showing up, and I am SO ecstatic about it!)


Ok, this one is just too simply awesome not to love! I mean its a bright color, but it doesn’t have a bajillion things going on. Its just magnificent in its simplicity. I also love the singular stick protruding through the middle. Its very minimalistic, which David and I decided was key in making something that looks a little more authentic.

Royal Wedding - Wedding Guests And Party Make Their Way To Westminster Abbey

Then there was THIS beauty from the royal wedding, I mean how could we forget it?? She was on every fashion faux pas list you could think of, and her sister wasnt much better. BUT as much as I hated it, I kind of loved it. I mean she had everybody talking and people still remember it, I mean if I am going to wear something like that I at least want people to talk about it and remember it! Plus I love how it just sits right to the front of her head. Like she is a unicorn. I do have to say I am a fan of the bow, Im sorry. I can’t help it, bows are my thing.


Then we have things like this, a little more avant guard, but still really awesome! I love that it doesn’t use any of the traditional materials and it looks like she was inspired by her kids science project when they made a model of the solar system. I totally get it, so its fine, and its big, and eye catching, so again, I dig it.


Then you have this classical beauty! I love it Its so simple, but so chic at the same time. I really like the giant flowers peaking out from the underside of the hat and the silk edging, and the color and everything really. And again, I love that it is large and in charge! I think the best fascinators always are! She looks so fabulous. I neeeeed this one! I am not sure where I would wear it, but I think i could find an excuse!


While I do love the fun and whimsical fascinators, I think sometimes you have to stick with an air of class, so something classy like this will always do the trick. I mean its still full and tall… and all that jazz, but it doesn’t have a ton of colors and… stuff all over it. Clean. and. classy.


Apart from the fact that this mannequin head is super creepy, you have to admit that this head piece is pretty bad ass! I mean those curly peacock feathers and all the bright and coordinating colors, I just love it! I definitely don’t think I could ever pull something like that off, but I love the woman who is willing to try!




Ahhh, Kate Middleton, the ultimate wearer of the fascinator, and this is probably one of my favorites. I love the ones on the big disks and she always has hers sitting just right on her head shading her right eye. And they are never very complicated or over the top, just simple, chic, and classy. As we all know Kate often is (yeah were on a first name basis) I also like the pattern on base. It gives the fascinator a little something extra, I wouldn’t mind if someone bought me one like this as a gift hah!


Annnd then there is SJP… I mean this is a lot going on. Its definitely eye catching, but my eyes are so exhausted from looking at it I can barely handle it. I mean I totally respect the theming, the pinecone looking base, the leaves, the butterflies, I get it – I GET IT… but it just looks really top heavy and awkward. like a swarm of nature is hovering over her head. so weird.



And finally we have the bridal couture trend. I mean I love the fascinator, but it definitely won’t be part of my wedding day ensemble. And for some reason I feel like there are two options in bridal head wear, in relation to fascinators… HUGE annnd something with a birdcage veil. I mean what if I just want something simple and dainty…. thats not covered in feathers or attached to a headband. Can’t a girl just look like Kate?? Sigh. N wedding day fascinators for this girl… but I didn’t say no wedding shower fascinators! I can’t wait to share lots of pictures with you guys from this weekend, its going to be so fun!


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