All of the Lights

We have the dining room partially finished (but not spoiler photos today, sorry guys!) We finally got our table and chairs thanks to a generous wedding gift from a few family members, and our china place settings are slowly starting to fill the table. I also had a little help from an old friend finding a GREAT refurbed china cabinet, so I literally have to do NOTHING but put it in the room and bask in all its glory. I am definitely still struggling with what we will put on the walls. I think I want to do some kind of really cool photo display, but right now, my primary concern is ridding myself of that less than inspiring chandelier and finding something that is more fitting of our style and the direction we are trying to take the room. Right now the fixture has 5 bulbs and is brown with frosted glass globes. BLEEEEEEEEH. Im over it, its not nearly as clean and southern as I would like. I think I am definitely going with white, because I feel like it will pop with the gray blue of the walls and the dark wood of the table and floors. Now I am just struggling with shape… do I want something that looks more traditional, like a refurbed old brass fixture, or do I want to go a little more crazy and go with a lantern looking pendant? Or just something totally off the wall. I really can’t decide. But here are some thoughts I have had so far!

For example, David would totally hate these, but I think it would be cool to do two or three of them down the length of the table, they are so dainty and delicate, so I feel like they could make a really cool statement, but I am worried they are a little more formal than we ever thought about being! But this one is from Lowes for like $180 so two or three is a pretty do-able set up price wise, the wiring might just get a little more complicated. 


I kind of like this one, because it has the shade which makes it a little less formal, but you still have the glass peaking out. buuuuut for the price tag, I dont think I want to pay to cover up everything that makes it so expensive, this one is also from Lowes.


Also, I know I said I wanted something that was white, but I feel like this one could make a really awesome statement in the room! Its from West Elm and for $150, its really not a bad price either. Its just a matter of how formal or informal we are wanting to go here. Because obviously this is a drastically different look from the first two options I showed you!


Then, I sometimes think I could get behind something really funky, like this Fillsta Pendant Lamp from IKEA. I mean its pretty chic, and really in expensive so when I decide I am ready for something more mature and adult, I could swap it out without feeling too badly about it. The downside, its made of some kind of paper and I have tried to talk David into buying it for a couple different rooms and he shoots me down EVERY TIME! So sad!


This one might be a front runner. I think I could easily paint it white, and it would look really cool. We have a few different natural elements in the room that I really like, so I think this would be a good way to continue it. And, again, its from IKEA, so it has a really affordable price and should be really easy to install.


If I decide to go rustic white, and I cant find the right thing to refurbish myself, this would be the perfect fixture to get! Its simple and elegant, and white. But it has a little bit of that old, loved charm, so I could totally make it work! Or at least use it as inspiration if I do this route! This one is from Pottery Barn, so naturally I LOVE IT!


This one is also from Pottery Barn, and again its not white, BUT ITS SO AWESOME! and makes such a statement. I mean how could I not love it!? its a big dramatic pendant lantern that screams HEY look at me… and maybe thats the part that worries me because I don’t want it to over take the room!


Like I mentioned earlier, I have also been playing around with the idea of a cluster of lights, and I think these could be really cool! I like the glass jar look, I tend to prefer the more sea glass look than the dark gray. I am also worried that will make it look way more farm house than I am looking to go, so I am trying to keep it kind of classy and elegant. But like I said, I love the idea of clustering lights in the center of the table! These are also from West Elm.


Ok, how AMAZING is this lantern from Urban Electric Company. I am sure its what out of the question, but you can get it in any color and IM IN LOVE! like I need it yesterday! Maybe I can find something to mimic it at the metrolina next month… heres hoping.


What do you guys think? Do you have any suggestions of places to look or cool projects I could do with an old light fixture! Im open to ideas and looking for a new project!




4 thoughts on “All of the Lights

  1. We’re so in the same spot right now! My latest post is on my dining room that is almost completed except for the chandelier. I hate my chandelier and I either want to replace it or spray paint it white with maybe a funky accent color like yellow or turquoise.

    I like the lighting choices you’ve included. I’m honestly kind of into the ikea pendant lamp. Another place you might want to check out is Young House Love collection at I really like some of their drum shade pendants.

    • I love picking out lighting! Its one of my favorite parts about decorating, but somehow I always seem really overwhelmed by the options! haha! I can’t wait to see what you decide to do with your chandelier!! Also, thanks for the tip about the YHL lights, I love their blog and I didn’t even think about looking there! I will definitely have to check it out.

    • Thanks! I picked up something this weekend that we want to try out. Its a big over sized drum shade made with branches. Im pretty excited about it, but also nervous it wont give the right vibe to the space, trial and error it is, I suppose!

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