The Royal Wedding Shower

This past weekend I got to pretend I was a little kid again, and spend the afternoon playing dress up and having a tea party, and it was so much fun!


Since the bridal showers are starting to wind down and were getting into serious wedding season where my to-do list keeps growing and growing and my stress levels are bound to start rising, it was great to have a fun themed shower!


This one was with all my family from Augusta and then my friends my age. David’s mom and Bridget (my future sister-in-law) also came. I like to think I inspired lots of craft projects, since a majority of the fascinators people wore for the shower were DIY. Which was fun! Here is a close up of my fascinator, after I finished making it!

We also had a legitimate tea party with scones, finger sandwiches, petitfores, and a variety of teas! It was tasty, and like I keep saying, so much fun! It was a little more intimate than all my other showers and I really enjoyed being able to have a legitimate conversation with everyone that was there as opposed to “Hi, bye, thanks for the gift”

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 7.59.17 PM


Everyone looked so cute in their tea attire, and my favorite part was watching everyone come in the door and show off their fascinator for the first time. So comical. Although, I have to admit, watching everyone try to fasten them to their heads when we were getting ready was also funny. Everyone was walking around with their heads cocked partially sideways because they were afraid the fascinators might fall off. BUT! Fear not, I had the gift of learning to bobby pin in dance class, so I had those head pieces on LOCK! And of all the fascinators I fastened only 1 fell out. Snaps to me!



Real life, if you’re looking for a different theme for a shower, I highly recommend this one! It was great, and I am sure my aunts would love to share some tips on how to plan the perfect afternoon tea. We are all already looking for a reason to wear our fascinators to our next family get together (unless that happens to be my wedding, then, I hope they leave them at home!!)



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